A new Coffee Hour is available, as well as an AWP on the forum.

League P 13-16 released

A few more videos processed during the Rat Crisis. God bless Canada.

League P 4-12 released

A few new League replays make it to the site today. Just the trickle down effect of getting back into casting again. On the chopping block are more Heroes replays I either casted forever ago and processd but haven't upped or replays I am casting after the colossal disaster that was the Kel`Thuzad patch destroying support over a year's worth of versions of the game. Meanwhile, I am chiseling down work on Sonic 2006 and the FME compilation. The latter should likely be done by the end of the year, but don't take that as a promise.


This year really sucked and it's hard to look forward to anything, but the only thing we can do is put our dick to the wilson.


Steam reviews are always a hoot.


"I have to pass on a recommendation as this version does not seem to be optimized for notebooks."


"We are perfectionists." - Blizzard


Satire or delusional? You decide.


Casting is now considered active again.


Today I learned I wasn't even credited in Carbot's Starcrafts, despite being the reason the project managed to get finished.


Today I learned that Americans think Brood War had a complex user interface.

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