LMOP 14 and two Starsworn videos are now available in the D&D section. These are likely to be the last D&D video releases for quite some time, if not forever, for reasons discussed in the SS finale.


Current Projects


Let's Play

  • Dark Souls 3 (Recordings complete, Verified 18/24)
  • Guild Wars (Low Priority)
  • DMC3 Very Hard Vergil (Low Priority)

Other Video

  • Sonic 2006 Compilation (2/*)
  • Mucky Dark Souls 3 Compilation (2/*)
  • 2011 FME Compilation (1/7)
  • BlazBlue compilation 2


  • Free assets for Roll20

Float -

  • Quite a few castovers remain to be completed or recorded.

Edit Queue -


  • XXE Assembly


Major hardware issues and depression have greatly hurt what looked to be a strong summer upswing, but nonetheless major content production continues in spite of the difficulties.

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