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In this section I will explain in-depth a variety of major subjects surrounding my video content available on this site, starting with Let's Play's. LP's are my primary content, but many of the subjects related to them and their production apply to most other video projects here. If another section doesn't cover your questions regarding the sorting and presentation of my video projects, this one will. I will also discuss the other video content categories in this section when necessary.


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In ages of old, I would make VHS compilations of silly things that happened on console games, especially Goldeneye for the N64 and Timesplitters. In the future, when digital video was realistic for me to do, I began creating the XXE (Xtreme Xtreme Edition) series. While mundane, these lengthy video productions were refined with age and experience and became my most significant public media since my total conversions for Starcraft.


The Compilations section on this site is home not only to newer XXE generations, but also several game-specific compilations and productions, such as the Unreal Tournament 3 run with Dr.Schwa, HKS, and Wibod. These projects, unlike the vast majority of LP's, feature extensive editing and/or timelapsing often accompanied by post-production casting, subtitles, and third party music. The game-specific compilations, such as Shanktarium for World of Warcraft, will interest only a few viewers, but offer extensive viewing hours and exceptional entertainment. Non-XXE compilations of significant scale are simply referred to as Psychological Adventures.


XXE and its ilk follow a design behind the madness, which circulates an ever-growing understanding of content presentation and pacing. They are built to be as concise as possible, and may require multiple sittings to take in the full breadth of their content.



I began major public video releases with Starcraft 2's beta and spent over a year casting both replays and first-person gameplay. I have long since abandoned Starcraft 2, but I still host FPVOD's and commentary for League of Legends and Blizzard DotA I casted in the past. These kind of casts are not a focus of mine, and circulate mostly on the availability of community members to form games. These videos may feature extensive game design talk and there is countless hours of analysis amongst them for those who are interested. I do consider replay cast requests for either title but I don't actively play them anymore (most the casts are circa ~2016).


I also receive commentary requests from specific internal viewers for videos that are of exceptional publication value. These productions are referred to as Castovers. They are casted over in third person of that player's encoded production and are then released as-is. While the casts may not be indepth, they cover titles and playstyles I will not or can not feature normally for any number of reasons. These range from playthroughs of American Classics, like Bubsy 3D, to runs with special restrictions or conditions (Gorb runs), to simple playthroughs of games not traditionally available in high quality viewing format. Many of these videos are exceptionally short.