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Alkhazir, a man with no memory of his past, awakes amidst a deranged war between a scientist and the Confederacy's ace commander: TPC. Whilst struggling with tattered memories of his alien past he stands at the forefront of a crossing of swords between worlds young and ancient, hoping to bring justice to them both.



Apex U is based on a mix of rewritten Starcraft lore, pet projects, community personas, and anime inspiration. It is divided into Segments which are thought of as lengthy chapters. Apex originated as a Starcraft 2 campaign but was discontinued when the full extent of Starcraft 2's limited AI capabilities were researched. Note that this writing is considerably less polished and complete than previous ventures. In much the sense of forum games and things to follow, the impersonations of community members is intended to be fantastical and non-serious.


Apex U - Light Novel


Each segment has an associated developer commentary, as well as a version number that represents the current variant of the document. Documents are released more loosely than my other works, and may be edited or iterated upon in future releases.


SEGMENT 0 - (Version 1.0)