Black Sun Tech Doc Introduction

This document was partially written during the creation of Black Sun: Retribution, circa 2014. It was intended to supplement a visual production showcasing all of the project's completed assets. Unfortunately, as character models were impossible to acquire, the project died and was reduced to an audiobook version. In 2016 I decided to complete and release the related documentation, as the written world containing Black Sun will never be completed and all will to continue work on it died with Retribution. Originally this tech document was intended to be a video, but much like Retribution itself, I was limited by not being an artist. As character models were impossible to acquire for both productions, both productions could not be created in their intended mediums. As a result, elements requiring assets I do not have will either show concept art I googled for the purpose of reference or as close to as I can find in my rippable assets, or no reference at all. Creditation is available in its appropriate section.


Black Sun is a part of the Lour Saga, formally known as Throne of Armageddon, a written work of my creation that I began building during the earliest years of my youth. It is a universe over twenty years in the making, and is the sum of nearly all of my mental energy from its creation to its death. Dozens of total conversions, novels, and other interpretations were attempted, but ultimately this tech document will be the most complete and most coherent of any of them. That said, the tech document focuses needlepoint on Black Sun: Retribution and relevant content, and cannot be considered a comprehensive reference for the world or its mechanics. Nor can I be considered a competent writer capable of describing any of the mechanisms, characters, or events within my head. Therefore, this document is considered, and will always be considered, a draft at best.


This Tech Document covers several general subjects and then ship-specific and character-specific analysis, and will briefly summarize some events and races not featured within Retribution's audiobook. Much of it was intended to be written from an Anahn analyst's viewpoint, and so critical components are absent from certain descriptions. Like the production itself, it was not written for an audience unfamiliar with the written world, as it was never originally intended to be public.