Black Sun | The Xy`Kranasha

"I could see majesty. Ivory and silk, flowing as though liquid clouds amidst a gentle stream. I could hear it – the wind caressing leaves of marble and wood. Always the wind. Always the same hour of the day. They stood still in time, as did their demeanor."

Little is known about the Xy`Kranasha other than what Adashim has offered as educated guesses. Their ships are organic, plated in a carapace-like armor and covered in a thin, shielding skin able to resist both elements and kinetics. They rely on several elemental weapon types, and are notoriously difficult to destroy. The unique weapon in their arsenal is their ability to infect both machines and organics with a virus that is communal on a psionic level. This infection can easily overpower ships and render them entirely helpess, eventually consuming them, their memories, and turning them into monstrosities. The Anahn were prepared for this weapon, thanks to the foresight of Adashim, and the demon races are typically immune to such attacks. Adashim showed little concern for their infectious blood. Even so, the Xy`Kranasha are the single most deadly fighting force in the Abyss.


Like the demons, Xy`Kranasha are communal. However, unlike the Undead and DyiithJhinn, Xy`Kranasha are living entities. Their most primal form is the same virus that remains an ever present threat to unshielded ships, their vessels are simply large cultures of such bodies. Xy`Kranasha presumably possess individual will, but their devotion to an entity known as Xul`Amon renders them impossible to communicate with. It is speculated that Xy`Kranasha blood is comprised of Proteus particles, that are in fact all elemental entities living within walls of flesh. This would insinuate that they do not die with their ships, unlike DyiithJhinn, and supports the theory of advanced psionics driving their evolution rather than technology as a concept. Xy`Kranasha are constantly growing and evolving, capable of altering or mutating their forms on the fly, as though bearing a blurry mirror of the Kyru in hand. While slower than their demon counterparts, these bioships are lethal to nearly any opponent that crosses their path.


The Anahn first encountered the Xy`Kranasha during the battle for the Tiran Wastelands, and again during the battle of Retribution. During a short period of a few weeks, significantly more powerful Xy`Kranasha ships were created and then deployed. Either they were holding back during the first engagement, or the rate of their advancement was extremely fast.



Xy`Kranasha organics are difficult to assess beyond combat data and sensor readings, and piecing together intuition, guesswork and what few facts we can verify. What we do know is that the interior of Xy`Kranasha do have organs, but their organs are more akin to modules, probably designated bodies designed to power the rest of the host. One could assume then that, were damage dealt to significant portions of these organs, one could cripple the ability for the bioship to function as a whole. However, the highly regenerate nature of the bioships and the difficulty of gathering sensor data on their interior made strategy around such hypothesis useless. Rather, captains were encouraged to aim for obvious weapon systems and propulsion drives. Xy`Kranasha relied on more familiar Proteus drives to move their ships, but some of them also used psionically-assisted particle drives. The latter were more difficult to immobilze because they could simply push themselves around with their thoughts.


Unlike the Undead, however, Xy`Kranasha defenses were very much vulnerable to focused assault. Once their carapace was broken, such regions were susceptible to trained attack as much as any Anahn vessel. It was breaking the carapace that was difficult. No particular element or type of weapon truly had pronounced effect over the other. They had prepared well. It was more a matter of raw power. How much kinetic energy could one drop into a location, how big the slugs were or, in the Undead's case, how many particles they could land. Xy`Kranasha skin was not entirely immune to the effects of Deimos, but our sensors had determined that they were capable of partially absorbing the radiation. When we first deployed Quantum weaponry, the Xy`Kranasha fell easily to it, but within a few days they had become resistant and were able to fight our Great Knights as fairly as any other vessel of their size. Adashim noted it was the Undead's purity that gave them the edge, as the more pure Deimos weapons they bore were simply too much for the Xy`Kranasha to shunt or absorb.


Although Xy`Kranasha ships quickly grew in scale and physical complexity, their interiors never really changed. Adashim documents that there is likely two major components to the Xy`Kranasha organic design – Communal Cells and High Function Cells. The communal cells make up the body and the organs of the host, and when they either die or change states, they become carapace. The High Function Cells are those that play host to Proteus currents, the driving energy source behind Xy`Kranasha biology. This is also from which the elemental entity theory is derived. Adashim believes the Xy`Kranasha host, perhaps excluding Xul`Amon itself, is embodied in Proteus through High Function Cells, and that no individual entity is its own Essence. He also claims that the Undead had devised a way to kill Xy`Kranasha, although the specifics were not provided.


The infectious blood of the Xy`Kranasha, called the Scitor, is almost entirely comprised of High Function Cells. It can ride plasma currents or be used as a weapon directly. High Function Cells are also used as a fuel for various semi-organic weapons, such as Kato and Proteum, and generates warped elements to assume the properties of those weapons. Adashim proceeds to note that the very nature of projecting elements that assumes one's own properties, being the organic and reproductive nature of the High Function Cells, places the Xy`Kranasha at a technological level comparable to the Kyru. He notes that only Mal`Ash's phantoms are more dangerous.


It is believed that the Xy`Kranasha use psionic means to direct many of their weapons, much like the Undead. However, their construction methods are very different. Adashim notes that the Xy`Kranasha have adopted a great deal of their understanding of shielding from DyiithJhinn and Zelconian sources. Most importantly are the long, attenae-like spokes we would come to see in great quantities amidst the machine devils. In all cases for the DyiithJhinn these are shield generators, but the Xy`Kranasha have learned how to use them as both shield generators and as weapons. In almost all cases, Xy`Kranasha are capable of using these rods to direct lightning-like currents of Proteus into targets, and sometimes Proteum as well. Observers nicknamed these weapons Stormfront cannons, as when deployed, they made Xy`Kranasha ships look like rolling storms, tearing apart anything that drew their ire. The shields generated by the devices are notably inferior to those boasted by the DyiithJhinn, leading Adashim to believe that the Xy`Kranasha saw the subsystems more as supplements to their existing defenses rather than something to rely on.


Much like the Undead, Xy`Kranasha vessels assume variable characteristics, although not as much. The sizes given are averages – the bioships varied an average of 15% in realworld observed attributes, such as speed, scale, and logical energy output.


I shall elaborate on the Xy`Kranasha's unique elements as we delve into the roster of recorded bioships.




Horuspex - Heraa - Vykalis - Vallus

Grammael - GoreKhan - Kalia - Zurren

Araiya - Onath - Quagannokk - BladeKhan

HauKhan - Jannah - Jukaron - Gaverrah

Gavessus - Galira - Cacyscius - Zthor

MaruKhan - Annora - Al`Rinn - World Eater

Wayward Daughter - Glecterror