Black Sun | Zelconian

The documentation of the Zelconian is largely based on that provided by Vulkaskaramaan's expedition, and what Adashim has gleamed from them. Being in proximity to Mal`Ash's avatar prevented Adashim from watching them for most of their years, but we know they are indirect descendants of DyiithJhinn and therefore Mal`Ash, possibly created by Zunn`Loadunn's death. The Zelconian are lead by a separate, though very closely related, species calling themselves the Galorians. The Galorians are best seen as demons, with similarities very close the Kyru. However, Galorians were immortal, and Zelconian are not. Galorians also had heightened psionic abilities, whereas Zelconian have very subdued psionic potential. Galorians trained Zelconian in the arts of psionics, but compared to the Undead or DyiithJhinn they are scarcely battle worthy. Rather, Zelconian lean on immensely advanced artificial Proteus shaping techniques to give their comparably small scaled ships immense power. Zelconian are regarded by Adashim to have some of the most advanced shields and weapons seen in the mortal world, superior to even those of the Fourth-Generation Anahn and the Zeterekkai Templar. The small scale of their ships, however, allude to troubles in expanding their fabrication technology.


After the destruction of their homeworld and all of their outposts, the Zelconian were reduced to a single fleet which managed to escape into the Abyss. Many of their shipyards were capable of jump, and they retain the ability to fabricate new fleets, but will likely never get the chance given the pursuit of their foes.


Zelconian ships are likely to be fabricated through a method similar to our First Generation construction and not through Proteus patterning, despite the Zelconian's possession of equivalent technology.