Black Sun | Zeterekkai

The Zeterekkai are the closest things we have to brothers and sisters. They are born of the elder Kyru council member Ascherzon, who Adashim suggests is Zunn`Loadunn's killer. Ascherzon wields an element called Lo`Aummath, which Adashim can find no record about. He regards it as an element beyond the trees, something fabricated by Ascherzon or by another entity – possibly even Mal`Ash.


The Zeterekkai were our opposite in many ways. Psionic warriors with physical power unmatched by mortals, they were very much the Kyru's successors. However, the Zeterekkai were very much held back by the chains of the Kyru's evolutionary dead-end. Although Zeterekkai could match Kyru as warriors and surpass them in virtually every attribute, they were still at the limit of what they could accomplish.


Adashim describes the story of the Templar – those loyal to Ascherzon – as a mirror of our own struggles, although drawn out across the vast life of Creation. Their ships were titans, capable of matching the monsters of the Undead in scale and firepower. However, the full capabilities of the Undead's Third-Generation fleet overwhelmed them wholly and utterly when it was awoken. Awoken by us. The only known vessels to survive the massacre are an experimental next-generation frigate and an ancient, massive flagship called the Serljukullion`Merkal. The former is described by Adashim as the single most powerful ship crafted by non-demonic hands, and the latter the second most powerful.


Templar technology is the closest to Kyru origins, including using many of the Kyru's original elements in their construction, such as Azkrite, a highly conductive metal, and Nephralatine, or Necrolyte as the Templar called it, a shining obsidian metal with properties comparable to Tiran. Early Templar technology used Deimos as a power source, speaking to the capabilities of their engineers, but they gradually transitioned to Proteus. Nonetheless, Deimos remained one of their primary weaponized elements until the Undead siege. Their primary weapon was Lo`Aummath, channeled through from their ship's pilots to their opponents in space via enormous crystal foci. These extremely potent weapons were amongst the only decisive tools they had to fight the Undead, but it exposed their minds to the Undead, and the weaker Templar weren't prepared for the results.


Adashim describes the fall of the Templar as being nothing short of a slaughter. A Sorrowsong used by the Fear triggered a much more potent version of the attack used on us during the age of the Firstborn. The Templar were torn apart by this attack. Those that survived went mad, those that endured were consumed by the full strength of Guola's newly awoken third-generation fleet. Furthermore, Guola conjured a true horror – a shadow of Zunn`Loadunn, which Adashim simply called Zunn. This beast was defeated, but not before using the elemental connection of the Templar to Ascherzon's element to destroy the survivors. They live now, Adashim describes, as ever-living testimony to what awaits us if we, too, fall. The Slayer Squadron will hunt us until we are spent or until Guola is somehow destroyed.


Ascherzon and few surviving Templar remain, although their precise whereabouts cannot be determined by Adashim. He speculates some of them may have taken refuge amongst the Zelconian survivors. Others managed to retreat to the Abyss, and bide their time as they try to flee from Guola's hounds.