These are castovers of other videos I did not record. Unless otherwise stated they are recorded by Nefarius.

Note - Some of these videos are Tool Assisted in that they used savestates at specific points. Only in extreme cases were any further tools used. I will make special note during the cast if this was the case, and to what extent, if any, tools were used. For example, in the R-type 3 Gorb run, tools were used only to savestate at existing checkpoints in the game, to cull failed attempts out of the final recording. NO-MISS runs, or runs that were achieved with no tools other than the emulator and have no deaths in them whatsoever in their creation, will be marked as such.

American Classics -
Just Good American Games


PF.Magic & Accolade Present: Ballz 3d - The Battle of the Ballz

Tengen (aka Atari) & THQ Present: Pit Fighter

Activision & Sega Present: Fatman

Innerprise & EA Present: Sword of Sodan

Active Enterprises Presents: Action 52 - Cheetahmen

Active Enterprises Presents: Cheetahmen 2

Tengen (AKA Atari) Presents: Awesome Possum

THQ (aka LJN) and Bethesda Softworks Present: Home Alone

Asscolade and Eidetic Present: Bubsy 3D

Adrenalin Interactive and Playmates Present: Doom Troopers

Zemina Presents: Street Master

Digital Eclipse & Midway Present: Mortal Kombat 4

IGS & NovaLogic Present: The Rocketeer

Absolute & O.D.E. Present: Space Ace


Gorb Runs -


Representing an opposing philosophy to a TAS, Gorb runs are special runs that demonstrate what is humanly possible by adhering to special rules during normal play. Player discretion is used when saving to preserve interesting footage. They commonly feature AI manipulation, collision manipulation, and other sorts of power play circulating the avoidance of unnecessary kills, minimal movement, and other such things elaborated further in the individual casts.

R-Type 3

Game Demonstrations -

Videos that are neither Gorb runs nor terrible games. These runs are mostly to show games and not necessarily gameplay itself. Often times these titles are not viewable in acceptable quality elsewhere on the internet, so Nefarius has recorded them with the goal of faithfully capturing both audio and visual elements, sometimes with the use of checkpoint stating as mentioned previously.

R-Type Delta
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Raiden DX
Ai Chou Aniki
R-Types - R-Type 1
R-Types - R-Type 2
Sexy Parodius
Diablo 1 - Part 1 - Part 2