Compilations | XXE

Independent, relatively short-form compilations divided into three major generations. Not all files of XXE survived the years, however.


XXE: The Elder Days

Ancient XXE files predating The Revenge reboots, circa 2007-2009ish. The quality is considerably lower than my newer releases, but many of them remain entertaining to this day.



XXE: The Revenge


XXE series circa 2010-2018.


The first video of the XXE reboot, released in 2010.


Like many early XXE The Revenge's, features predominately pre-youtube era (<2010) recordings in a compilation format. The audio quality is very low.




This was a compilation of extremely old recordings at the time and some newer stuff.

In my opinion this is where the XXE series really begins to set itself apart from the riffraff of my older recording/editing styles and more modern ones.


This is a rip from youtube. Mkvmerge reported that the video stream timestamping got screwed up by google. I tested it and experienced no desyncing.


(I forgot to list Blast Corps in the music credits.)


Prepare for a checking in this legendary adventure. From humble beginnings to brain damaging climaxes, episode 13 draws upon over 3 terabytes and 40 hours of gameplay recordings across many different games to deliver a prime XXE experience.


The strange "snap-in" audio at some parts is due to vegas consistently not rendering my fade curves and their compressor being busted. Good job, Sony.


I literally have no idea why the credit moogle footage does that. It must due to timescaling the OBS mp4's.


This is an XXE. There are many like it, but this is episode 16. Includes footage from Nef and HKS.


(Nef clarified that, with the Holy Diver footage towards the end, the boss does actually die when you take no damage, but the transition breaks instead, preventing you from moving forward.)