Dungeons & Dragons

Recordings of online D&D sessions with a CC sister community. The recordings were intended for the related players and are heavily edited to condense on the commentary, but have proven to be entertaining for individuals outside of the group or otherwise unfamiliar with D&D.



 Introduction to D&D On Gameproc

In this video I introduce you to the concept of D&D and some of the things you'll see in the following videos.



The Lost Mines of Phandelver



This heavily re-imagined starter campaign for 5e is run by mAc Chaos. The players include Aekenon, Adun, Thalraxal, Lavarinth, Reiu, SaintKerrigan and IskatuMesk. When I joined the campaign was already nearly a year in the running, and when I started recording was a few sessions after I joined. I go through some of the campaign's history during the recordings for the unfamiliar.


Adun RPGMaker Rendition


Since I wasn't there to record the first sessions of the game, and many of my recordings when I started have problems, I was faced with the issue of a huge void of material in presenting the campaign as a body. Luckily for us, Adun has masterfully re-created LMOP in a stunning three-dimensional virtual reality avant garde Elven sleeping simulator!


Insert Lard Here (To be recorded!)


Roll20 Recordings


  • I record with OBS which continually gives me technical issue after technical issue. Some videos are incomplete, have buggered audio, or are otherwise desynced. Until I find a functional desktop video recorder that isn't as performance heavy as Camtasia I am forced to just live with it.
  • The videos are typically encoded at extremely low settings (CRF as high as 36) and 10fps after a certain point, lumping the majority of their tiny filesizes in the audio.
  • The first video (lard 1) was literally just a cinematic I recorded that some players missed. It's what started the larger recording experiments.


LMOP Lard 1

LMOP Lard 2

LMOP Lard 3

LMOP Lard 4

LMOP Lard 5

LMOP Lard 6

LMOP Lard 7

LMOP Lard 8

LMOP Lard 9

LMOP Lard 10

LMOP Lard 11

LMOP Lard 12

LMOP Lard 13

LMOP Lard 14



Fists of Fury



When Reius and Memes collide in a fantastic, sweaty collaboration with Darkholme's various dark fantasies.


Fists Lard 1

Fists Lard 2

Fists Lard 3

Fists Lard 4






Standalone sessions (not full campaigns). These videos are all independent entities from each other and main campaigns.


1shot 1 (Trains of Despair)

1shot 2 (Graves of Memes)

1shot 3 (Christemo Ravenbooty)

1shot 4 (Christemo Icebooty)

1shot 5 part 1 (Cable Company)

1shot 5 part 2 (Cable Company P2)




Starsworn Developer Commentaries


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Final Session/Overview