Dungeons & Dragons

Recordings of online D&D sessions with a CC sister community. The recordings were intended for the related players and are heavily edited to condense on the commentary, but have proven to be entertaining for individuals outside of the group or otherwise unfamiliar with D&D.



 Introduction to D&D On Gameproc

In this video I introduce you to the concept of D&D and some of the things you'll see in the following videos.


Starsworn Prelude Developer Commentaries


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Final Session/Overview


Starsworn Campaign Developer Commentaries


Campaign Session 1

Campaign Session 2

Campaign Session 3

Campaign Session 4

Campaign Session 5

Campaign Session 6

Campaign Session 7

Campaign Session 8

Campaign Session 9

Campaign Session 10

Campaign Session 11

Campaign Session 12

Campaign Session 13

Campaign Session 14

Campaign Session 15


Starsworn: Blood of Albion



A short adventure condensed into a 4:30 hour commentary.


Starsworn: Blood of the Moon



A short adventure condensed into a 6 hour commentary.




Barter in Blood


A small-scale series of 1shots/mini-campaign run by mAc Chaos for myself and Schwa.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3





Standalone sessions (not full campaigns). These videos are all independent entities from each other and main campaigns.


1shot 1 (Trains of Despair)

1shot 2 (Graves of Memes)

1shot 3 (Christemo Ravenbooty)

1shot 4 (Christemo Icebooty)

1shot 5 part 1 (Cable Company)

1shot 5 part 2 (Cable Company P2)

1shot 6 (Menet-Ka)

1shot 7 (Christemo The Defiler's Lair)

1shot 8 (Siriel The Sorrowful Ones)