Let's Play | Armies of Exigo

The Starcraft 2 the West needed.




PC (RTS), 1280x1024, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2012-05-15

  • As usual, Armies of Exigo faced a great many challenges in audio volume balancing. This was not only because the game's audio is very unbalanced, but also because I was changing my environment many times during the recording, resulting in different microphone balance for every change. However, only two segments suffer truly severe damage from this, and are still watchable (at least for me).
  • Some changes and alternating segmentation methods were employed in Exigo. For the first 13 or so segments, videos are following my traditional fraps chunk encodes. After that I started using singular AVI's and encoded by actual internal recording segments. This has little effect on the viewing experience other than the times at which segments end. Another thing I did a little different in this LP was create shorter initial segments and then start pushing times/sizes larger as they went on (in average, not everything was done like this) so you can jump right into it faster. This is likely to be something I do more often.
  • This LP contains mentions of the words "Belgian" and "Belgium" in abundant quantities.


Segment 1

Download - 900mb

1:22 hours, x264/OGG

The encode quality for this segment is different than the others (it is higher and thus larger). Also, this segment suffers from unexpected audio imbalance I later correct to an extent.


Segment 2

Download - 600mb

~50 minutes, x264/OGG

I correct the audio to an extent which persists in reasonable levels but not perfect.

Dunehelm's unexpected death is accounted to probably a bug with the Ogres.


Segment 3

Download - 1.2gb

~1:20 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 4

Download - 800mb

~1 hour, x264/OGG



Segment 5

Download - 660mb

~1 hour, x264/OGG



Segment 6

Download - 886mb

~1 hour, x264/OGG



Segment 7

Download - 1.5gb

~2 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 8

Download - 1.27gb

~2 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 9

Download - 1.3gb

~2 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 10

Download - 1.3gb

~2 hours, x264/OGG

Because the audio for the Fallen campaign is louder than the Human one, it compounds the audio problems thus far.


Segment 11

Download - 1.7gb

~3 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 12

Download - 2.3gb

~3:10 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 13

Download - 2.3gb

~3:10 hours, x264/OGG

This segment had the worst audio balance thus far. I applied my heaviest compressor to compensate, but the game's audio became distorted as a result. I felt it was an ok tradeoff.


Segment 14

Download - 1gb

~2 hours, x264/OGG

The audio in this and remaining segments should be just about perfect. Additionally, new segmentation comes into effect.


Segment 15

Download - 1.4gb

~2 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 16

Download - 1.9gb

~2:45 hours, x264/OGG


Segment 17

Download - 2gb

~3 hours, x264/OGG


Segment 18

Download - 2.8gb

~3:43 hours, x264/OGG

And a grand finalle to end it all!



Download - 62mb MP3

This has its length for it covers many subjects.


Exigo Special

Download - 320mb


I did this entirely on the fly with no script or re-recordings of any kind.