Let's Play | AvP 2010

Dead franchises should stay dead, and America demonstrates to us why.



PC (FPS), 1920x1200, 30FPS

Segment 1 Encoded 2011-02-06


  • The crummy 2010 reboot of WarGiant's beloved AvP franchise delivers nothing unexpected from Sega's bargain bin outsourcees. Nonetheless, as an early LP, I remain fairly lenient (and at times completely oblivious) during play.
  • This run was once only available via youtube but, like the other first-gen recordings, was later transitioned to the FTP in 2015.
  • This LP accrued some butthurt from the game's sole fanboy on youtube.
Segment 1

Download - 1.3gb

~1:09 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 2

Download - 1.4gb

~1 hour, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 3

Download - 1.1gb

~44 minutes, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 4

Download - 1.4gb

~1:04 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 5

Download - 538mb

~22 minutes, x264/mp3/8bit

No idea what happened with Seg 5. There's encode notes of fusionhaaaa~ and that generally means shit was broken leading to an adnormal encode.

Segment 6

Download - 1.09gb

~1:04 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Huge filesize jump for unexplained reasons (maybe encode setting changes or motion changes)

Segment 7

Download - 2.7gb

~56 minutes, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 8

Download - 1.7gb

~45 minutes, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 9

Download - 1.6gb

~45 minutes, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 10

Download - 1.89gb

~53 minutes, x264/mp3/8bit


Download - 48mb


A fairly short review given vocal reviewing wasn't really a thing for me back then. It also appears that Audition can't pull the audio file from this video without mangling it, so for now I'm providing the source video for the youtube review.