Let's Play | Battle Tanx

I remember why I avoided the campaign the hard, long way.



N64 (Emulated), 1536x960, 30FPS

Segment 1 encoded 2011-01-14


  • Without accurate emulation, N64 titles ran on the PC run into enormous issues ranging from performance issues to flat out instability. Therefore, this run is not 100% indictive of what the game looks or runs like on the actual hardware.
  • I merged Youtube source cores to produce the new segments. The encode date provided is from the original cores.
Segment 1

Download - 641mb

~1:14 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 2

Download - 669mb

~1:14 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 3

Download - 1.3gb

~2:14 hours, x264/mp3/8bit


Download - 12.4mb


A fairly short review given vocal reviewing wasn't really a thing for me back then. Additionally, this review was ripped from youtube and reprocessed since I lacked any source I could find.


Battle Tanx Lollery

Download - 98mb


Although the video says it's h264 the mediainfo claims it's Xvid. The quality is, as expected of Xvid, wretched. Nonetheless, this 10 minute video shows some humorous things that are possible by exploiting your AI ally and combo weapons. This video was recorded a very, very long time prior to the LP and was recorded on an actual N64 with a DVD recorder, so the cast was recorded over the video as opposed to live.