Let's Play | Bayonetta

Sega fucks up another high potential game with garbage like QTE's.




PS3 - ARPG, 1280x720, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2014-05-22 20:48:56

  • I am sure I had notes for this, but I forget them.


Segment 1

Download - 1012Mb

1:38:19 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 2

Download - 3.3Gb

4:6:7 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 3

Download - 3.6Gb

3:52:13 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 4

Download - 2.0Gb

2:37:2 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 5

Download - 2.4Gb

2:50:33 hours, x264/AAC

I was going to stop the recording at the credits while I ate cheap Canadian food, but I decided to just leave it going in case anything silly happened. As it turned out, I didn't wait for nothing.





Download - 40Mb MP3