Let's Play | Bulletstorm

Americans make an FPS with QTE's instead of gameplay. Great.



Console Port (FPS), 1920x1200, 30FPS

Segment 1 Encoded 2011-02-27


  • This ancient first-generation encode is amongst the least efficient of all encodes I have available. Evidently re-encoding is not an option as this would significantly impact quality.
  • As soon as they appear I immediately turn off floating text notices.
  • Audio in this run is far from properly balanced, though I do not speak much during it.
  • Again, the encode date provided is actually the split date for the source cores that were originally destined for youtube.
Segment 1

Download - 3.3gb

~1:17 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 2

Download - 3.7gb

~1:12 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 3

Download - 4.3gb

~1:12 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 4

Download - 4.5gb

~1:10 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 5

Download - 3.5gb

~1:19 hours, x264/mp3/8bit

Segment 6

Download - 3.3gb

~1:15 hours, x264/mp3/8bit


Download - MP3