Let's Play | Conan

Blizzard makes a God of War clone




PS3 - Action RPG, 720p, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2012-04-07


  • Any game with the THQ logo on it is destined to be fail, but this one in particular is horrible. It puts me through untold amounts of anguish, rage, and broken shit. Throughout the LP I use the words "Black Man" and "Black Men" and make a handful of racially-oriented jokes. If this ruptures your anus I am thankful.
  • Because the video and audio quality for this game are so disgustingly bad I opted for a much more aggressive compression. Only watch this video if you like watching me suffer. Of course you do.


Segment 1

Download - 546mb

50 minutes, x264/MP3

An innocent a beginning for what will be such a horrible journey ahead.

Segment 2

Download - 1.7gb

2:16 hours, x264/MP3

When rod and anus collide amongst a sea of internery.

Segment 3

Download - 1gb

~2 hours, x264/MP3

Closest I've ever come to dying on camera. Also the most WTF video segment I've yet produced.

Segment 4

Download - 2gb

~4 hours, x264/AAC


Part B

Download - 300mb

~40 minutes, x264/AAC

By now you know what pain awaits you. Submit, tony! Also, the Sorceress Queen's audio is stupidly imbalanced ingame. I altered my compressor to try to compensate for that, but that's really just how irritating it really is. Sorry! Send THQ hatemail.


Segment 5

Download - 2gb

~4 hours, x264/MP3

Give in to the pain, tony!

Segment 6

Download - 1.6gb

~2 hours, x264/MP3

This entire segment is devoted to the award-winning final boss fight of this game. Care to guess why? During the fight I move my microphone to get better volume. Instead the volume gets worse. Wtf?


Download - 30mb MP3

Oh you know this is gonna be good.