Let's Play | Dark Souls

Some numbnuts decided to give the From Software B team an expanded budget of $20, producing a second edition of their first Castlevania ripoff prototype.




Make-Believe PC - Prototype RPG, 1920x1200 (960x600 micro), 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2012-10-31 17:30:31

  • With a name as creative as Dark Souls, plenty of lulz are sure to be had! Fraps gave me issues which is covered in the recording. After that I was encoding the files in the old style, e.g. 4gb chunks of AVI's, using simple X264 launcher. There's the possibility that mkvmerge will causes these to bug out on VLC/Chrome. Use MPC with madvr if this is the case.
  • Due to the horrid abuse of post processing, the base encodes came out rather large. There is half-res micro segments due to this if you want. MadVR upscales these impressively even up to 1920x1200 again.
  • In some cases, the ogg audio seems to drift out of sync a bit. This is possibly due to VBR settings. I will probably phase out ogg or experiment to counter this, but the most noticeable segment effected by this is segment 10 where the sync notably drifts out.


Segment 1

Download - 2.8Gb

Download MICRO - 704Mb

2:17:44 hours, x264/OGG

Character creation, sound tests, and some unexpected butthurt. As it turns out, motioninjoy uses a fucking webpage for everything on it including driver config, and I bring down their entire server.


This first segment's micro encode is a re-encode of the main encode. I forgot to make a base encode for the micro before I moved on. Thus, it is lower quality than the remaining micro encodes.


Segment 2

Download - 2.9Gb

Download MICRO - 955Mb

2:4:5 hours, x264/OGG

Depth of Field Souls. Hey look, it's the same monsters and area as Demon's Souls! It's like a pop culture reference to itself! How clever.


Segment 3

Download - 2.3Gb

Download MICRO - 778Mb

1:47:24 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 4

Download - 3.6Gb

Download MICRO - 1.2Gb

2:42:36 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 5

Download - 3.6Gb

Download MICRO - 1.2Gb

2:46:31 hours, x264/OGG

Ricky Honejasi pronounces "Gigabyte" as "Jiggabyte".


Segment 6

Download - 4.5Gb

Download MICRO - 1.5Gb

3:7:43 hours, x264/OGG

Laconius pronounces "wolf" as "wuff".


Segment 7

Download - 4.6Gb

Download MICRO - 1.5Gb

3:15:26 hours, x264/OGG

Tony, peter, goff, and ropar are all real people and all references are factual. Some shit you just can't make up.


Segment 8

Download - 2.4Gb

Download MICRO - 827Mb

1:49:2 hours, x264/OGG

This segment contains implied nudity. Be sure to watch when your parents or kids are around.


Segment 9

Download - 3.6Gb

Download MICRO - 1.2Gb

3:4:43 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 10

Download - 4.7Gb

Download MICRO - 1.6Gb

4:15:20 hours, x264/OGG

This segment has some degree of audio desync, presumably due to ogg VBR. However, the desync is not very severe. Enjoy my censorship material.


Segment 11

Download - 2.8Gb

Download MICRO - 974Mb

2:25:27 hours, x264/OGG

This segment has some degree of audio desync, presumably due to ogg VBR. However, the desync is not very severe. Enjoy my censorship material.


Segment 12

Download - 3.8Gb

Download MICRO - 1.3Gb

2:38:47 hours, x264/OGG

High motion = huge file size. Well fiddlesticks. I need to remake my motion prediction profiles again, since megui nuked them all.


Segment 13

Download - 3.8Gb

Download MICRO - 1.3Gb

3:15:13 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 14

Download - 3.3Gb

Download MICRO - 1.1Gb

2:39:14 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 15

Download - 5.8Gb

Download MICRO - 2Gb

4:4:12 hours, x264/OGG

A big, long file, with lots of progression, hopeless confusion, rage and silliness. What more do you want?


Segment 16

Download - 2.7Gb

Download MICRO - 971Mb

2:45:48 hours, x264/OGG

This marks the breakpoint between standard recordings and the recordings taken after the fraps problems. Therefore, these segments are likely to be the ones VLC/Chrome users encounter problems with, if at all. There may also be a noticeable quality shift in the encodes.


Segment 17

Download - 3.4Gb

Download MICRO - 1.2Gb

3:22:40 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 18

Download - 4.8Gb

Download MICRO - 1.6Gb

5:1:23 hours, x264/OGG

This is a very long final segment because it actually covers a rather significant amount of content.





Download - 40Mb MP3

I failed to resist the urge this time.