Let's Play | Darksiders 2

THQ is quick to remind us that any potentially reasonable franchises under their belt are still destined for the gas chamber.




Apple Bandai Pippin - ARPG, 1920x1200, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded during 2012

  • Throughout the LP I was using progressively higher and higher CRF, reducing visual quality in an effort to gain back returns in the video sizes. Ultimately, the visual quality did not suffer much since the game looks like such shit, but I never really got back much size, either.
  • This is a game in which I spend a fair amount of time fucking around conducting 'science' and trying to break stuff. The game itself also travels quite slowly, so if you aren't one to be patient, save yourself the rectal anguish.
  • Recordings began in 2012, quickly stopped, and were concluded in December 2013.


Segment 1

Download - 2.3Gb

1:45:32 hours, x264/AAC

This and seg 2 were recorded in late 2012 upon the game's release. Notice that between then and now, I have been battlehardened by bad games. Still, it's really sad how desensitized I am to all the insane clipping and other laziness going on.


Segment 2

Download - 1.9Gb

0:56:51 minutes, x264/AAC

I noticed I missed a few areas I could have probably gotten to. Good thing I don't care!


Segment 3

Download - 3.1Gb

2:17:34 hours, x264/AAC

Transition between old and new recordings. I'm still sick in these particular segments, so I'm using a really silly forced accent to avoid putting much throat pressure on myself so I don't get stuck in coughing fits. This does little to help me, though, as I am incredibly agitated and THQ is ready to lay absurdity on me. This segment was merged from two parts using mkvmerge due to a fix I needed to create for the portion recorded letterboxed (it looks even more fucked up in the encode but at least it works). VLC and chrome might flip out.


Segment 4

Download - 4.9Gb

2:58:5 hours, x264/AAC

Dance classes are in session.


Segment 5

Download - 4.1Gb

3:16:17 hours, x264/AAC

At about this stage I start extensively pursuing more "science" in lieu of some more hilarious bugs. If you're not a man of science, I don't know you.


Segment 6

Download - 3.9Gb

3:4:0 hours, x264/AAC

I am REALLY bad with puzzles. Just a forewarning. This is going to get ugly.


Segment 7

Download - 3.8Gb

2:52:54 hours, x264/AAC

You have no idea how bad at puzzles I am. Soon.


Segment 8

Download - 3.4Gb

2:33:25 hours, x264/AAC

Segment of extensive science and more confusion. This is a somewhat of a slow, silly segment, but by now you're in for the long haul, anyway.


Segment 9

Download - 4.4Gb

2:50:3 hours, x264/AAC

I am REALLY bad with puzzles. Not even the hard puzzles, either. The easy ones. Apparently, being the observer gives me thinking capacity I really wish I had when I needed it. Instead, I just suffer.


Segment 10

Download - 3.9Gb

2:31:24 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 11

Download - 3.7Gb

2:44:14 hours, x264/AAC

A slow start that serves to be the calm before the storm. Although further attempts at science prove largely unsuccessful and the end of the game seems imminent, Darksiders 2 is simply biding its time.





Download - 65Mb MP3

I may become upset.