Let's Play | Demon's Souls

Shit-tier From Software B team gets laughed out of Japan and into American gullets with a hysterical prototype of a Castlevania ripoff that got canned in the 90's.




PS3 - Prototype ARPG, 1280x720, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2012-07-26 09:40:13

  • I went into Demon's Souls as I did any other game when possible - without any prior knowledge. Between the input latency, shunning the (unknowingly horribly overpowered) lockon system, and choosing what could be construed as a very difficult class to start with, my experience with this game was nothing short of horrible. Innumerable bugs, terrible balancing, and inconsistent play added to an already overburdened mind.
  • With the difficulty I've had in getting megui to consistently give videos their correct aspect ratios, some of these videos do not default to the proper (16:9) aspect ratio. You'll want to make sure your player is set to compensate for this.
  • Sometimes the video freezes for a few periods when I alt tab out of Virtualdub. The video will resume (and still be in sync) when I tab back in, so this is not a recording or encoding bug. What would be a bug (with mkvmerge to blame) is if the entire video freezes permanently at the same point. Upon which case, use MPC. In any other instances it freezes, it's due to the game's insane performance problems.
  • I managed what could be considered amongst the hardest possible ways to go through this game, without knowing it until I was finished. Please watch the entire LP and the review before making any judgement/comment on anything I do or say during play.


Segment 1

Download - 337Mb

1:5:5 hours, x264/OGG

Character creation, sound tests, and the ominous acknowledgement of an entirely unfamiliar control scheme hints at anguish to come.


Segment 2

Download - 1.4Gb

2:0:42 hours, x264/OGG

Professor Snape takes on a world of untold horror.


Segment 3

Download - 1.6Gb

3:16:41 hours, x264/OGG

Professor Snape takes on a world of untold black lard.


Segment 4

Download - 1.7Gb

3:25:6 hours, x264/OGG

Professor Snape takes on a world of untold rectal friction.


Segment 5

Download - 1.0Gb

2:3:41 hours, x264/OGG

As it turns out, Starcraft 2's campaign wasn't the only LP I would miss horribly obvious, directly in my face assets in. Laugh while you can, Potter.


Segment 6

Download - 1.3Gb

2:24:8 hours, x264/OGG

Sometime around this point I acknowledged I may have bitten off more than I could swallow. It's a good thing I have no gag reflex anymore.


Segment 7

Download - 1.5Gb

2:48:20 hours, x264/OGG

This is where the summer heat is at about the levels necessary to cook steak on my face.


Segment 8

Download - 1.6Gb

2:33:22 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 9

Download - 1.6Gb

3:38:11 hours, x264/OGG

Slowly, but surely, the rod deepens its rhythmic song.


Segment 10

Download - 1.5Gb

2:34:27 hours, x264/OGG

Will Professor Snape rise to the call of America, and save the American Dream? Or will he fall into shadow, cast into the barren wasteland of Canada, to be lost forever?


Segment 11

Download - 2.0Gb

3:50:21 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 12

Download - 884Mb

1:41:13 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 13

Download - 1.8Gb

2:58:44 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 14

Download - 1.2Gb

2:27:38 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 15

Download - 1.9Gb

3:33:51 hours, x264/OGG

These are phase 2 verification encodes and are very slightly higher quality/larger filesize since I lost all of my specific settings for megui.


Segment 16

Download - 2.3Gb

3:39:33 hours, x264/OGG



Segment 17

Download - 1.8Gb

2:52:6 hours, x264/OGG

Actually, the Crossbowmen DO reload, it's just I'm used to crossbows needing actual reload animations. ah my shoulder


Segment 18

Download - 2.8Gb

5:4:42 hours, x264/OGG

This is one of the most painful and degrading videos I have ever produced. I suffer immensely throughout and watching it was like experiencing a traumatic flashback of when I was beaten up by overweight clowns in the girl's room back in the 70's.


Segment 19

Download - 2.2Gb

3:31:28 hours, x264/OGG

In all those times I didn't want to shift to Pure Black I was already in Pure Black.





Download - 40Mb MP3

I tried to resist my urge to go on an endless rant about laziness.