Let's Play | Devil May Cry 4

What Americans viewed to be an inferior ARPG to the previous titles still manages to profoundly exceed all of their own attempts at the DMC design, though still speaks incredibly poorly about Capcom's management.




PC (lolconsoleport) ARPG, 1920x1200, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2013-08-26 04:59:38

  • I opted for an experimental higher quality encode to preserve visual quality.
  • Unlike the previous DMC games, I play through this one on turbo.


Segment 1

Download - 2.7Gb

2:0:24 hours, x264/AAC

An unexpected setting change causes the early ingame tutorial fights to be really slow. This is soon remedied.


Segment 2

Download - 2.8Gb

1:50:15 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 3

Download - 3.0Gb

1:56:37 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 4

Download - 3.2Gb

1:47:15 hours, x264/AAC

This area is particularly bad for video compression.


Segment 5

Download - 4.8Gb

2:52:7 hours, x264/AAC

Anal thrashing


Segment 6a

Download - 1018Mb

0:27:38 minutes, x264/AAC

This segment is not fused to the later segment due to unusual inconsistencies in reported audio formats in mkvmerge. To prevent any possible oddities, I left them split. This all occurred due to the fact this segment is recovered due to a power outage. Sorry, out of my control.


That said, this segment is not really that important.


Segment 6b

Download - 2.1Gb

1:31:43 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 7

Download - 3.3Gb

2:9:15 hours, x264/AAC

This segment may or may not contain spouts of rage derived from extreme physical pain.





Download - 90Mb MP3

This is as coherent as I could make it across multiple recordings and being sick through all of them + the editing.