Let's Play | God of War 1

harpy rolling pins of ultimate anguish




PS3 (PS2 port) ARPG, 1280x720, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2012-03-31 04:00:14

  •  I believe this recording might pre-date Supreme Commander 2. During the recordings I encountered challenges in the form of my industrial-grade fan, which I needed to survive the insane heat of summer. I attempted to erect walls and barriers to prevent the fan from hitting the mic, but my efforts were often in vain. To combat the resulting rumble-like effect of air noise, I used various filters on the mic aspect of the recordings, which sometimes alter how my voice sounds. The rumble is not very apparent with my headphones, but on my speakers, or a bass-heavy setup, they may have been irritating, thus my desire to remove them. As a result, my voice sounds a bit spacey. However, removing the sound of the fan itself would result in very weird sounding audio. I must devise a means to get around this for summer.
  • During this process, I discovered how limited the compressors are in Vegas compared to Audition.
  • The overall audio quality greatly exceeds that of SupCom 2, but it is still not as good as I was hoping for.


Segment 1

Download - 1.0Gb

2:26:45 hours, x264/MP3

Game volume was rather high on recording, leading to attempts to suppress it in Vegas. I cut out the minigame in case tony the FTP admin gets butthurt. You didn't miss much, just huge QTE fail. I, however, do not cut out the innumerable times I get lost. Enjoy. Only a taste of what's to come in terms of being lost/angry.


Segment 2

Download - 952Mb

2:26:34 hours, x264/MP3



Segment 3

Download - 939Mb

1:59:47 hours, x264/MP3

Notes - There's a few minutes with some non-basey rumbling Brazilian earthquake around 55 minutes or so iirc.


Segment 4

Download - 1.6Gb

2:58:21 hours, x264/MP3



Segment 5

Download - 815Mb

1:32:18 hours, x264/MP3



Segment 6

Download - 806Mb

1:50:57 hours, x264/MP3

Cliffs of Madness is right.


Segment 7

Download - 1.2Gb

2:19:21 hours, x264/MP3



Segment 8

Download - 1.1Gb

2:4:41 hours, x264/MP3

This will quite possibly be the most depressing video you'll ever watch. In my defense, I really wasn't ready for this hard of a boss fight after so many years of playing piss easy games.





Download - 37Mb MP3

Has some popping sounds for various reasons.