Let's Play | God of War 3

Americans figured that America hasn't had enough of camera shaking and QTE's, so they devote millions of dollars into pushing these rather than developing gameplay.




PS3 ARPG, 1280x720, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2012-05-02 00:44:06

  • God of War 3 was a game with exceptional camera shaking and motion blur. This gave me motion sickness during gameplay and even moreso during the encoded videos. To combat this I used specific motion detection settings. While I'm the only person I know who even can get motion sickness in a game like this (GoW3 isn't the only one), this is noteworthy because I originally planned to encode this as 10bit. Instead I had to use megui, so the videos came out as 8bit anyways.
  • Sometimes I am a bit quiet during combat music because it turned out louder than I expected.
  • I encoded this with significantly higher settings than Conan due to the massively increased quality of the game's graphics. So the files are larger.


Segment 1

Download - 2.1Gb

2:25:55 hours, x264/AAC

The first 40 minutes of this segment are what really gave me motion sickness. As a result I was distracted for a long time but get my game together and pull through.


Segment 2

Download - 1.6Gb

2:5:27 hours, x264/AAC

HKS claims this will be extremely hard for me to do. Have my experiences with Conan rendered me battle-hardened, or will I succumb?


Segment 3

Download - 1.5Gb

1:58:0 hours, x264/AAC

I forgot that the reapers had a ranged attack in GoW2 as well. They really rustle my jimmies.


Segment 4

Download - 1.7Gb

2:11:52 hours, x264/AAC

Just like the last two games, there's a implied minigame in here I am not 100% sure would be safe on our FTP. That said, there's still a bucket of nudity in this segment.


Segment 5

Download - 1.2Gb

1:52:13 hours, x264/AAC

Fuck puzzles.


Segment 6

Download - 2.1Gb

2:24:4 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 7

Download - 2.5Gb

2:3:34 hours, x264/AAC

This is going to be painful to watch.


Segment 8

Download - 1.8Gb

1:49:24 hours, x264/AAC

I didn't realize the music would be so loud that it overcame my voice at periods.





Download - 85Mb MP3

An hour and half discussion about the GoW series, ARPG's in general, and then some extra stuff. As a reference, HKS played this game largely on Easy iirc (that's what I remember him telling me) and he still had difficulty on some fights.