Let's Play | Magicka

Microsoft makes a scripting language and Americans make an effigy of Gogney's awmless husk with it.




XNA Vomit (PC), 1920x1200, 30FPS, 8bit

Seg 1 encoded at Quarter 1 2011

  • An old recording featuring a kiwi and an hks. I believe I included as much of the horrible connection issues the game is known for as I had recorded. If there was ever desire for a shining poster child for why XNA should never have been a thing, this would be it.


  • A second, even more hysterically broken run, was recorded a time after this one, and was released incomplete under the title "Let's Break Magicka". Currently, this run is a part of the Recording Graveyard, but once I have cleaned up Gameproc I will also mirror it on this page.




Download - 43mb

10:48 minutes, x264/MP3

I have a short prelude segment I made to introduce the run on youtube when it was first created.


Segment 1


Segment 2


Segment 3


Segment 4


Segment 5


Segment 6


Segment 7


Segment 8



All segments, except for 8 which is a 15 minute 170mb file, average 45minutes to an hour and 1gb a piece. At this point in time I am not sure if I created a review for the run or not. If not, I will conjure a new one once I go through the videos in the future.