Let's Play | Supreme Commander 2

That feel when Americans still think RTS and FPS games belong on a console.




PC - Casual Real-Time Tactical, 1920x1200, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded at 2011-09-06 20:26:32

  • This game is basically a hyper casual console version of the first Supreme Commander with Metzen writing. Prepare yourself.
  • I am 99% sure there is a simspeed increase command that I missed when I scrolled over the commands menu. I make multiple references to the lack of such a command but, in re-watching the LP, I am sure I missed it and it does exist. That is about the only error I believe I made, other than using transports when I could use jump... Also, every now and then HKS rants about Aion in the background.
  • This LP was heavily used as a testbed for my new microphone. Sometimes the volumes may not be perfect.


Segment 1

Download - 1.4Gb

1:27:10 hours, x264/AAC

Our first foray into Supreme Casual 2 leaves us bewildered and confused. HKS is talking about Aion in the background at points.


Segment 2

Download - 1.5Gb

1:18:38 hours, x264/AAC

One of the only times we'll get to use boats. Only here do we start to realize what we've gotten ourselves into... still learning the game.


Segment 3

Download - 1.6Gb

1:17:56 hours, x264/AAC

Killer 11 made the argument that "cargo ships are always bigger than military ships", to which I responded with "That much bigger? Really? They're bigger than carriers... and this is an age where we have teleportation technology, mass fabrication, and giant fucking flying ships. Who makes boats that big anymore for just cargo? Why are we shooting it with energy weapons? Why is they on top of a huge cliff?" I see your logic and present you with Chris Taylor. He is fat.


Segment 4

Download - 1.4Gb

1:18:54 hours, x264/AAC

Experimentals are terrible.


Segment 5

Download - 1.3Gb

1:27:11 hours, x264/AAC

Around halfway through my recording conditions changed and I decided to try using the Omni setting on my new mic. As it turns out, in this setting the mic picks up every slight movement as a huge basey thud. I ran a very strong EQ filter on the worst part. Killer 11 reported good results using a normalization feature of his player, but I didn't need it to listen to the remaining audio without issue. HKS may be hard to hear, though.


Segment 6

Download - 1.4Gb

1:13:58 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 7

Download - 1.4Gb

1:12:50 hours, x264/AAC

Mic settings are altered again with favorable results. This is a rather calm, slow segment, one I wished I had known how to increase simspeed in.


Segment 8

Download - 1.2Gb

1:12:25 hours, x264/AAC

Mic settings are altered yet again with more favorable results.


Segment 9

Download - 1.1Gb

1:21:20 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 10

Download - 1.1Gb

1:7:23 hours, x264/AAC

Well, this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be... maybe it's because I am bad.





Download - 7Mb MP4-AAC