Let's Play | The Ball

Central published indie developer uses google image search and sells his findings, reaping significant profit off of his fellow window lickers.




PC - Shovelware, 1920x1200, 30FPS

Seg 1 encoded during 2011-2012

  • This was recorded in late 2011 - early 2012. However, unexpected technical difficulties and problems resulting from attempting to recover the first segment lead to the LP stalling and then eventually being forgotten about long after it had been finished. At the end of the road, I was left with several small and several very large sized segments. I opted to leave them as-is encoding-wise to preserve what visual fidelity they still had. Therefore, some files are much larger than my standard encodes. Apologies, but it's the lesser of two evils.
  • This is an extremely silly cast with an extremely silly and bad game. Just about nothing about this makes any sense or should be taken literally.


Segment 1

Download - 2.8Gb

1:19:23 hours, x264/AAC

There is about a minute missing around the 6 minute mark that had to be removed and re-encoded multiple times to prevent the segment from BSOD'ing computers using GPU decoding. Tested and working fine on MPC with MadVR.


Segment 2

Download - 3.3Gb

1:21:11 hours, x264/A_MPEG/L3

There is a substantial period between playing sittings.


Segment 3

Download - 1.3Gb

0:26:39 minutes, x264/AAC



Segment 4

Download - 661Mb

0:29:25 minutes, x264/AAC



Segment 5

Download - 634Mb

0:25:27 minutes, x264/AAC



Segment 6

Download - 2.0Gb

1:19:49 hours, x264/AAC



Segment 7

Download - 406Mb

0:25:9 minutes, x264/AAC






Download - 16Mb MP3

A newer review recorded at the end of modern verification.