Ret Tech Doc | FAQ

A prewritten questionnaire specific to the Tech Doc that covers potential questions and questions I was asked in the past.


What is the Ret Tech Doc?


A rough compendium of the content in my original written work, Throne of Armageddon, relevant to the novel trilogy concept that Black Sun: Retribution's audiobook was based on. It covers races, ships, technology, world concepts, and characters relevant to that specific needlepoint of the world.


Why was the Tech Doc created?


The Tech Document was originally created during Retribution's main arc of production in 2013, but it wasn't completed, as the original production wasn't completed. I created it at the time because I desired to conclude my time with Throne of Armageddon with Retribution, and the Tech Document would go a long ways to finally putting some of my more nebulous concepts on paper for interested readers. I decided to complete the Tech Document after the release of the Audiobook for much the same reason.


Wasn't the Tech Document also supposed to be a video?


Correct. Much like Retribution, the Tech Document depended on having character models to be properly completed. Since I couldn't come up with any suitable character models, both projects were subsequently dropped. For the text version of the document I will use unrelated third party concept art that is close enough to get the idea across - when applicable. Unfortunately, most characters simply will never have their appearances manifest in anyone's head but my own.


Why don't you go into more detail about X or Y, or why wasn't B included (from earlier texts)


Scope and relevancy. Retribution's arc concludes around Segment 2 of TOA's first written work, and doesn't involve most of the main arc content other than references or visions (like those Adjak saw). What I included is already stretching it, and done so only for existing readers. The other content will simply never be written down. If I did try to write it down I would be looking at a massive scale project not likely to manifest into anything, at least anything coherent. If there was a very strong demand for it I may consider it, but that seems unlikely.


I only have a small handful of Templar and Zelconian ships, and none of them were completed, so I opted to include none other than for the base race descriptions


Will there be a future TOA-related project?


No. The Tech Document is the last thing I plan to do for this world. Simply put, unless I can model characters I can't make projects for Throne of Armageddon. I stopped actively designing it almost a decade ago because I knew my writing would never get anywhere. Anything more than that simply demands skills I don't have.


However, portions of Apex use a lot of key elements from Throne of Armageddon, so the lifetime of labor building the world concept doesn't completely go to waste. All of the assets and time placed into the various mods for it, however, do go to waste. Unfortunate, but a strong lesson in the price of putting faith in other people to do critical work for you.


Will you release any TOA related content/assets?


I have been told many times I should "sell those ship models", enough times I have to wonder if Obama really was putting flouride in the water. No. I won't be making any of my models public, and if you think I would try to sell content I made as unique to my own world as possible, or content I made based on existing third party designs, you are literally retarded.


Anything else can surely be addressed by the original FAQ for the audiobook.