heroes replays n such

As you may have noticed, more SC stuff was added to the site a while ago, as well as another A-U dev video. Today I added the last of my major string for heroes replays as well, bring us up to RN-80. Some minor back-end stuff.


Not too much work on the itself recently what with the throwing out all of our belongings, cat issues and other drama, but I plan to make another pass on banner assets and potentially split the heroes/league sections and some other crap eventually.


ITAS is now available and the resource section has some actual things in it, now, though not much. Minor organizational stuff here and there. Just prepping up for when I do a more major update.


I have a bit more of an idea how I want to organize some of the loose content for the site, now. Particularly, since there won't be any more audiobooks unless I attempt one for Apex, there's no point having an audiobook section. Also, the Armageddon Onslaught content could afford to be bundled up in a Project section. Additionally, the Educational series has grown large enough to warrant its own section. I will also group up the Black Sun content into a more cohesive directory.


Thanks to DarkMEN, I was able to put together the foundations for making assets for the site finally. I've started with content banners and will move into the site's actual banner and some other stuff over time. Also I uploaded the one Turok segment created in 2012 and fully synced the Extras to the site, which completes the procession of video content to Gameproc.


A bit more work on the About section which includes segregating the LP chunk, added Heidomus Kaladonmus summary to Past Projects. Further site work is going to be focused on cleaning up this About section, including making some assets for it, although official site assets including a proper favicon are still a ways off until I figure out what I actually want. Well, I have an idea what I want, but it'll be hard for me to make.




Thanks to a particular Emu, spoilers now display their buttons at the top of their content when expanded.

apex U page up

It's rather barebones as most content for the project is not worth publicating yet. However, it is the home of the one dev video I posted in the thread a while ago, and has a summary for the curious.


The media section will be created later down the line.


Also, another educational video is up.

project status update

Might make generic project status updates on GP as a quick reference. seems best place for general updates.


DDDA > just started encoding seg8 of an estimated 12-13 total segments recorded, close to being finished recording, maybe another 2 major sittings


FF6 > seg4 encoded, no predictions on total (I'm not halfway afaik).


Apex > low priority, on hold, last work was confederate kitbashing/uvw experiments


Ret Tech Document > script building, blocking intro structure, modernizing old scenes is finished, I need to decide if I want to actually complete them for this project or leave as-is


FME Recast > preliminary brainstorming in my head, starting to assemble assets


Loladins of Legend > preliminary assessment of potential project revival


The graveyard is now up, complete with two Dragon's Crown segments.


I am slowly working on a section for Apex U but time constrains have been tighter than an untarnished tony.

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