Armageddon Onslaught

Cradled by the searing harbor under the lightless sea, the Underworld has bided its time for ten thousand years since their victory against the Roman Gods. Now, at last, The Great Destroyer stirs once more to finish the fight and eradicate their descendants - mortalkind.


Download - 75mb


Armageddon Onslaught is a proof of concept technical demonstration for Starcraft: Brood War and requires version 1.10 to operate. Players are instructed to create a TvB game 7v1 with a team of Terran and Protoss to face a single Armageddon opponent. There is an optional lewl.scx which allows you to run my testing map to experiment with Armageddon's units; Armageddon itself is not playable normally, their buttons are not set up. AO has a very rare crash that can occur during gameplay, the cause of which remained unknown all the way until the project's discontinuation.


Armageddon Onslaught can be played solo or with a group of players over Battle.LAN. The Terran and Protoss AI have been significantly buffed, and the Protoss AI given a special structure, to help them bear the onslaught.


(Animated demonstrations)



Pushing the Limits - Armageddon Onslaught stepped far beyond the boundaries of what was expected out of Starcraft mods in 2009. With advanced iscript manipulation and remastered assets ported from a variety of games coupled with handcrafted Afterburn particle effects and voice acting, AO continued to push my projects further and further forward in technical complexity and concept proofing.


Further information may be found within the project's readme and FAQ files.


Video Media

Download 2015 Overview - ~2gb
A look back at the Armageddon Onslaught project, recorded October 15 2015.


Youtube Source Files (2009)
These ancient files are what I was able to recover for AO's original video content. Most of them are in strange formats, like Xvid.


Download - ~104mb
A pre-alpha preview video for Maplantis.


Download - ~92mb
CGI Hell Test


Download - ~237mb
Preview F (recorded with camcorder :D)


Download - ~278mb
Preview for version 2.4a internal


Download - ~40mb
Gatekeepers Test