Compilations | Psychological Adventures

Larger compilations individually focused on specific titles.



R-Type 3 (SNES)
My first venture with shmups, remastered to highlight my moments of stunning success. Audio quality is a bit low due to the insane background noise from my fans.

847mb, ~2:43 hours

A Brood War Adventure
Mucky and IskatuMesk go through a collection of replays in a lengthy, laid-back set of casts, regaling in the last RTS' amazing legacy. From CC community classics to ICL adventures, a variety of game types are viewed from Mucky's library. I think I forgot to list Theodor Bastard in the music credits.

Download Part 1
~2gb, ~4 hours
Download Part 2
~1.7gb, ~3:20 hours

Unreal Tournament 3
A new, insane-difficulty run of UT3, condensed into a vomit-inducing fastcut spazfest. Players include Wibod, HKS, DrSchwa, and Putin's various interns.

Download Part 1
~2gb, ~1 hour
Download Part 2
~1.7gb, 50 minutes
Download Part 3
~2.5gb, ~1 hour
Download Part 4
~1.6gb, ~43 minutes

Hunted: The Revenge: The Revenge: The Compilation
Important to note this is a very different run from the one run with HKS in the main LP listing. This compilation was ran with DrSchwa and this compilation acts as a game tester's survival guide.

The episodes average 30-40 minutes and 1-1.7gb.


Mucky Presents: Dota - Loladins of Legend
Mucky's old dota video of legend.

Download - 402mb, 39:40


BlazBlue Community Compilations


Episode 00 - 900mb



French Compilations


Need more French in your life? Ricky_Honejasi is happy to accomodate you!


rickyricky - 86mb

rickyricky: THE REVENGE - 90mb

Mukee 1 - 600mb

Composited out of Wc3 games from Mucky's stream



Front Mission Evolved


A silly 2011 recording composited into an hour of triple-A edge.


FME 2011 - 2.1gb





Originally intended to be an LP, this immersive, lore-friendly run of Skyrim takes a pensive turn out of the gate and leads the audience into the absolute most ludicrous depths of blubber.


File sizes average 4-5gb and lengths average 2:30-3 hours. This project makes use of an experimental Spline64 rescaling encode to preserve quality while keeping file sizes manageable for Western digital services.


Part 1

Download Seg1

Download Seg2

Download Seg3

Download Seg4

Download Seg5

Download Seg6

Download Seg7

Download Seg8

Download Seg9


Part 2 - Discontinued due to IRL events.

Download Seg s2-1

Download Seg s2-2


Dragon's Dogma: Dank Arousal EXTREME EDITION


A supplement to the existing two Dragon's Dogma runs. Heavily edited and condensed. Much like Skyrim, they have been rescaled.


Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

Segment 6


The BDO Experience


A fairly large 2 hour video. I considered dropping the res/quality for a larger series but it turned out I wasn't going to be doing a larger series in the end.



Segment 1 - 10gb




Intended to be a mirror of the DDDAXE run, but was discontinued due to losing the saves when I switched to the new system and subsequently started the randomizer run later in the year instead.


Segment 1 - 1.2gb

Segment 2 - 3gb


Dark Souls 3: Randomizer


A full run with the DLL-based item randomizer, condensed into a spaztic cookoff.


Segment 1 - 1.3gb

Segment 2 - 1.7gb

Segment 3 - 1.5gb

Segment 4 - 2.3gb

Segment 5 - 2.3gb

Segment 6 - 3.4gb

Segment 7 - 6gb