Compilations are typically heavily-edited videos showcasing high levels of inanity, bugs or exploits, and other silliness. Most well-known is the XXE series which doesn't restrict itself to any specific game or genre, merely dipping into any available recordings at the time. Larger, game-specific compilations, such as Brood War replay castings or specific co-op runs, are considered Psychological Adventures.


XXE: The Elder Days

Ancient XXE files predating The Revenge reboots. The quality is considerably lower than my newer releases, but many of them remain entertaining to this day.







XXE: The Revenge

While older XXE's (circa 2010 and earlier) typically recycled then-old pre-youtube LP content and other sorts of more mundane sources, the bar for XXE quality continually rose and I pushed myself further and further for more definitive and XXE-unique content.


The first video of the XXE reboot, released in 2010.


Like many early XXE The Revenge's, features predominately pre-youtube era (<2010) recordings in a compilation format. The audio quality is very low.


A compilation of some ~2010 recordings.


This was a compilation of extremely old recordings at the time and some newer stuff.

In my opinion this is where the XXE series really begins to set itself apart from the riffraff of my older recording/editing styles and more modern ones.


This is a rip from youtube. Mkvmerge reported that the video stream timestamping got screwed up by google. I tested it and experienced no desyncing.


(I forgot to list Blast Corps in the music credits.)


Prepare for a checking in this legendary adventure. From humble beginnings to brain damaging climaxes, episode 13 draws upon over 3 terabytes and 40 hours of gameplay recordings across many different games to deliver a prime XXE experience.


The strange "snap-in" audio at some parts is due to vegas consistently not rendering my fade curves and their compressor being busted. Good job, Sony.


I literally have no idea why the credit moogle footage does that. It must due to timescaling the OBS mp4's.


This is an XXE. There are many like it, but this is episode 16. Includes footage from Nef and HKS.


(Nef clarified that, with the Holy Diver footage towards the end, the boss does actually die when you take no damage, but the transition breaks instead, preventing you from moving forward.)




Psychological Adventures



R-Type 3 (SNES)
My first venture with shmups, remastered to highlight my moments of stunning success. Audio quality is a bit low due to the insane background noise from my fans.

847mb, ~2:43 hours

A Brood War Adventure
Mucky and IskatuMesk go through a collection of replays in a lengthy, laid-back set of casts, regaling in the last RTS' amazing legacy. From CC community classics to ICL adventures, a variety of game types are viewed from Mucky's library. I think I forgot to list Theodor Bastard in the music credits.

Download Part 1
~2gb, ~4 hours
Download Part 2
~1.7gb, ~3:20 hours

Unreal Tournament 3
A new, insane-difficulty run of UT3, condensed into a vomit-inducing fastcut spazfest. Players include Wibod, HKS, DrSchwa, and Putin's various interns.

Download Part 1
~2gb, ~1 hour
Download Part 2
~1.7gb, 50 minutes
Download Part 3
~2.5gb, ~1 hour
Download Part 4
~1.6gb, ~43 minutes

Hunted: The Revenge: The Revenge: The Compilation
Important to note this is a very different run from the one run with HKS in the main LP listing. This compilation was ran with DrSchwa and this compilation acts as a game tester's survival guide.

The episodes average 30-40 minutes and 1-1.7gb.


Mucky Presents: Dota - Loladins of Legend
Mucky's old dota video of legend.

Download - 402mb, 39:40


BlazBlue Community Compilations


Episode 00 - 900mb


French Compilations

Need more French in your life? Ricky_Honejasi is happy to accomodate you!


rickyricky - 86mb

rickyricky: THE REVENGE - 90mb

Mukee 1 - 600mb

Composited out of Wc3 games from Mucky's stream


Front Mission Evolved

A silly 2011 recording composited into an hour of triple-A edge.


FME 2011 - 2.1gb





Originally intended to be an LP, this immersive, lore-friendly run of Skyrim takes a pensive turn out of the gate and leads the audience into the absolute most ludicrous depths of blubber.


File sizes average 4-5gb and lengths average 2:30-3 hours. This project makes use of an experimental Spline64 rescaling encode to preserve quality while keeping file sizes manageable for Western digital services.


Part 1

Download Seg1

Download Seg2

Download Seg3

Download Seg4

Download Seg5

Download Seg6

Download Seg7

Download Seg8

Download Seg9


Part 2 - TBD


Dragon's Dogma: Dank Arousal EXTREME EDITION


A supplement to the existing two Dragon's Dogma runs. Heavily edited and condensed. Much like Skyrim, they have been rescaled.


Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

Segment 6





World of Warcraft compilations


This is a WoW video series produced for a small private audience during pockets of playtime. It follows similar structure to Stabbyman and the XXE series.

The first episode is almost exclusively PvP oriented, following my rogue. But as the episodes and seasons move on, they degrade more or less into XXE content with PvP on the side.

In some videos I explain some stuff so people unfamiliar with the game can tell what's going on, so it's not a series exclusive to people who know it well. That said, if you aren't interested in MMO's, the first episode in particular won't be very interesting. If you are, prepare for severe brain damage.

Cata DS era
SD resolution

The first episode is 1 hour long but the remainder average 30-40 minutes. They average 600-700mb.


WoD release era
HD resolution

Due to higher resolution and average higher length, the videos average 1gb, except for the final episode, which is 2.3gb.



Legion Release Era

HD Resolution


More free to play nonsense. Similar sizes to s2, bigger in some cases.





WoW Rant Series 2

Comprehensive assessment of the leading software in the gaming industry of 2018.



A spiritual journey across the World of Warcraft, superficially touching on graphics, audio, and gameplay in a wacky side show.


This series is segregated into three components, with the first being encoded in CRF 25 for higher than average quality so the majesty of Blizzard Entertainment's work is without distraction, and two CRF 30 sections that discuss primarily non-graphical content.


These videos average 3 hours in length.


Side A - "Doubling it"


Segment 1- Download -  7.2gb

Segment 2- Download -  7.4gb

Segment 3- Download -  7.4gb

Segment 4- Download -  7.7gb

Segment 5- Download -  6.5gb

Segment 6- Download -  10gb

Note - Audio corruption damaged my voice stream in much of this recording, as explained in the cast, resulting in a more crushed sounding post-process.

Segment 7- Download -  8.8gb

Segment 8- Download -  6.7gb

Segment 9- Download -  7gb

Segment 10- Download -  8gb

Segment 11- Download -  8.1gb

Segment 12- Download -  7.2gb

Segment 13- Download -  6.2gb


Side B - "Darkening of the Shadow Void"


Segment 2b-1- Download -  4.4gb

Segment 2b-2- Download -  5.5gb

Segment 2b-3- Download -  4gb

Segment 2b-4- Download -  4.5gb

Segment 2b-5- Download -  2.6gb


Side C - "The Bristling of Cid"


Segment 2c-1- Download -  4.1gb

Segment 2c-2- Download -  4.1gb

Segment 2c-3- Download -  4.7gb

Segment 2c-4- Download -  3.9gb

Segment 2c-5- Download -  3.8gb

Segment 2c-6- Download -  3.4gb

Segment 2c-7- Download -  4gb

Segment 2c-8- Download -  4.1gb



Ancient World of Warcraft compilations


From ~2006 comes my first ever video series, following the Orc Rogue Stabbyman as I solo world content and other silly things. As my first foray into video productions the quality is abhorrent and the nature of the editing is juvenile. However, they are still an entertaining series and have plenty of silly content in them. After multiple requests from community members they are once more available.


Most of these older videos are encoded in Xvid.


Classic-BC Era


Stabbyman 02

I was never able to locate the video or even evidence of 02's existence. Did it exist? Do you have it? Contact me if you possess it.


pieces - I encoded two chunks of the never completed Stabbyman 04. I recovered them and pieced them together in this extremely short but silly video.



WoW Extras

Misc World of Warcraft silliness


wowlulz  - 1.3gb

This ancient video encoded in 2010 follows HKS and I as we join Blizzard's top community representatives in some jolly dungeon shenanigans. Exceptional hilarity ensues. The audio quality is rather questionable at times.

face  - 526mb

Video created during leveling a DK at wrath launch. The audio quality is rather questionable at times.

WoW Rant 2011 - 3.5gb

Video created in 2011. Questionable quality and older casting style.