This section contains several subsections appropriately separated by content type. These include very lengthy non-campaign playthroughs of games that aren't condensed into compilations nor do they belong in the LP section, such as Civilization games. Additionally, there are one-off development, rant, or review-related videos, some of which were produced during minor projects or upon request.




Without a more sufficient name, game playthroughs focused on "skirmish" or "random" modes, such as those from Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic. I tend to play on large maps with prolonged domination settings, seeking a lengthy and fulfilling experience. Recommended only for the more patient viewer seeking a relaxed, and often times extremely politically incorrect, experience.



Civilization 5


I play Civ 5 games in Marathon with only Domination victory conditions and they are often accompanied with bitter babbling and silly racial commentary.

These videos are universally recorded in half size with a CRF of 30. MadVR is basically mandatory for fullscreen viewing at an acceptable quality. My primary goal in encoding was to preserve the ability to read most text, but keep the sizes rather small. For this reason I am not bothering to list most size/length specifications. I'll get around to it when I polish the site and sync things up.


Game 1 - Arabia

"The Camel God"


This game was not completed for reasons that should be clear at the end.


Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

Segment 6


Game 2



This game is incredibly stupid.



HoMM6 Melee Games

1920x1200, X264/MP3

Notes - These are not campaign LP's, but rather individual melee games. This game has no RMG, and thus alone warrants passing it as a purchase. Additionally, replay value is very low, so I only played two games as of this writing.

The game does weird shit with the audio stack in windows, e.g. it tries to bypass it entirely, making recording game audio extremely difficult.

Individual segments for games average 1-1:20 hours.

Game 1
Download Game 1 Part 1 - 940mb
Download Game 1 Part 2 - 1.3gb
Download Game 1 Part 3 - 1.3gb
Download Game 1 Part 4 - 1.2gb

Notes - I am unaware of the game audio issues during this recording, so enjoy my breathing. Additionally, this was my first time playing since 2 or so games in Beta, so this is mostly a learning experience. A very painful one. The AI in this game is idiotic.

It wasn't Glories that pheo was talking about. It was elementals. :3

Game 2
Download Game 2 Part 1 - 1.3gb

Download Game 2 Part 2 - 1.3gb

Download Game 2 Part 3 - 1.4gb

Download Game 2 Part 4 - 1.4gb

Download Game 2 Part 5 - 1.4gb

Notes - I was concerned about the game audio during this recording but it turned out better than expected. I also appear to be eating a dick at random periods during the game. Near the end of Seg 1 there is around a minute of idle time. Use this to take a piss or something.

* I wasn't aware of this at the time, but I'm sure it was the non-racial units in my army that prevented waterwalking.
* Those aren't pit fiends, they're Juggernauts.
* For the longest time I didn't realize that all heals in 6 actually straight up revive monsters now (for some reason I haven't seen that revive symbol enough times to get the hint). So, I wasted a few talents (e.g. reinforcements) that could have gone into making healing a lot stronger. Also, after this game, I realized that prime magic can be used to boost other magic trees and make them not as terrible. Too bad the maps and AI are so awful I don't feel like playing the game at all to try any build ideas. Maybe I will, but probably not.




AI Rant Edition 2
Download - 2.3gb, 4:27 hour running length

An old AI rant video created on the spot via request some years ago. It isn't particularly thorough and I missed a lot of stuff, but it is thorough enough that you should get a kick out of it. Covers Brood War, Warcraft 3, and Starcraft 2. In Brood War I demonstrate the vanilla AI and talk a bit about the scripts themselves, while in Warcraft 3 I allow the game to speak for itself. In Starcraft 2 I set the AI against itself and then challenge its hardest difficulties in several matchups to demonstrate its colossal flaws and false advertising. Can a D- player like me defeat the hardest AI blizzard has ever made, mano-a-mano, in one of the most dynamic sc2 matchups?

lol diablo 3
A poorly encoded video showcasing the finer moments of the Diablo 3 beta experience.

Download - 95mb

Butt Wars series

A small compilation series for Guild Wars 2 (and a bit of the first game) produced during 2012. The conventions for the version sorting are... bizarre, but I've opted to leave them as-is.


Episode 2-2 - Lard
Episode 2-2c - Lard

Episode 2-3 - Lard

Episode 2-4 - Lard


Mesk HoTS First Impression video

A first impressions HoTS video, released Feb 19 2013.

http://www.gameproc.com/meskstuff/LP/HM ... eSwarm.mkv




Videos produced during or for development of custom content, either mods, videos, or other original productions.


Counter-Strike Source Test Compilations

While conducting science I sometimes take recordings of my test and arrange them in a manner that provokes the sensation of humor.



Brood War Custom insane AI Demonstrations
Download - ~450mb
Note - This is a Youtube rip that has been reprocessed somewhat. It uses the VP8 video codec. Tested to function in MPC.



A video released in 2010 that discusses Brood War custom insane-type AI's produced with scaiedit. This video had difficulties on youtube with audio censorship and the source files were lost to a hard drive file table rollover. I have since successfully ripped uncensored video files from youtube, but Google refused to let me have the source files still on their servers.


Loladins of Legend Dev 1

Download - 1.6gb


A presentation regarding dota clones and Loladins of Legend initially recorded in early 2016 and then completed at the end of 2016.