Space Marine released!

One of the runs lost in the file table rollover years ago sees a new recording in recent times. Experience the Sonic 2006 of third-person shooters!

dnd section updates

I have made some adjustments to the D&D section of the site.


Mostly notably, I have finally deleted the LMOP and Fists videos, as sadly due to the community involved I won't be able to play, spectate or otherwise complete those series and haven't been able to for over a year. There are unprocessed recordings, but the extreme anxiety and depression involved will likely prohibit me from ever completing them. A disappointing conclusion to what was once a very positive force in my life.


I have, however, released 3 new videos of a small series of 1shots/campaign that mAc was running for me and Schwa earlier in the year. This series is also incomplete, but mAc says he wants to continue it some day. I have one more video to process for this series, but an ETA is unavailable.

Kingdom Hearts released!

This trash heap's been stewing since January, and now you, too, can partake of my pain.

Minor site updates

The discontinued video content for the defunct Retribution and Apex projects has been moved to the Extras section, and those project sections have been subsequently cleaned up.


There's still quite a lot of stuff left to do on the site, though.

Doom (2016) Released!

After a year of silent drumstick dribbling, a new LP finally sneaks onto the scene, taking advantage of all the video research from the last half-year.

Current projects

Current Projects


Let's Play

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Nu-Doom (2016)
  • (Recordings completed, encoding)
  • Skyrim: Todd's Scaley Pizza Yiff Adventure (Preparation)

Other Video

  • Sonic 2006 Compilation (5/*)
  • Mucky Dark Souls 3 Compilation (3/*)
  • WoW Rant series 2
  • (Frozen)


  • Site updates TBD

Float -

  • Quite a few castovers remain to be completed or recorded.

Edit Queue -

  • XXE Assembly



I have released a new Coffee Hour.

XXETR-24 Released!

A new XXE is now available.

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