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These videos cover a variety of topics often discussed or featured in my various Let's Plays, and seek to educate and inform viewers about the inner workings of creating games and content for games. They are presented on a layman's level and hope to elevate the expectations and awareness of viewers when they experience mainstream media, and also serve as a handbook for terms and analytical avenues used in my casting.


I am neither proficient nor academically educated in any subjects covered. Further videos down the production line chronologically may return to old subjects to re-examine concepts or terminology and correct them.


Note - Camtasia and OBS both are incapable of capturing at good framerates. Sc2 and Unreal 4 are laggier in the recordings than they really are.


Also serves as an intro to Educationals in general.


Simple continuation of Part 1.


Introduction to Edgeflow, Collision, Shaders & Materials in Unreal 4, Physically Based Rendering, Physics


Touching on Lighting, Introduction to Culling concepts, More Physics Silliness


Setting up materials for the Ret Tech Demo, Screenspace introduction, Introduction to DFGI and lightmaps


Introduction to Particle Systems


A quick look into my workflow for maps and tokens for roll20 and 2d graphics in general.


Another, more involved look into my workflow and experimenting process for maps and tokens for roll20.


I step into the world of Audio and introduce you to the concepts of Frequencies and Peaks, Audition 1.5, Compressors, and the Loudness War.


  • Segment 5-1 - Learning Casting - Hardware & Recording Concepts

I offer a short glimpse at my hardware setup and discuss microphones and recording environments at a layman's level, as well as try to provide a quick staging point for troubleshooting common issues people approached me with in the past.


  • Segment 5-2 - Learning Casting - Voicework Learning Discussion

In this audio-only episode I offer insight into how I view voicework, how I treat voicing, and how I identify weaknesses in voicework as I offer advice in starting with voice acting and casting.


  • Segment 5-3 - Learning Casting - Processing Techniques P1

Assessing and addressing audio editing demands, either for processing voices, cleanup, or remastering. Note the desyncing and weird cutouts in the audio are entirely from OBS.


A discussion of my switch from USB to XLR tests and several topics regarding the two setups and their differences.


  • Segment 6-1 - Design Discussions - Introduction to ARPG's

I touch on the ARPG genre and my review process for related titles, as well as some design subjects we'll be discussing later in this series.


  • Segment 6-2 - Design Discussions - Introduction to Rotations

A continuation of the ARPG discussion in which I use both MMORPG's and ARPG's to introduce you to the basics of the "Rotation" concept.


  • Segment 6-3 - Design Discussions - Action Economy & Player Experience

A continuation of the ARPG discussion in which I bring action economy and player experience to the table.


  • Segment 6-4 - Design Discussions - Player Engagement Continued

A continuation of the ARPG discussion.


A look back at my Age of Wonders 2 total conversion to gleam important lessons of the past in a coherent format.


The project that lead to the death of my passion for custom content.

  • Segment 7-3 - A Look Back - Captain Planet's Grand Adventure 1/2

A lengthy look at my demented RPGMaker XP/VX Ace projects, possibly the least politically correct projects I had attempted.


A look back on the disastrous Retribution project.



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