This site is a compendium of my (IskatuMesk's) public content including my video media, written media, resources, and links to my few outlets.


First and foremost: my content is often highly politically incorrect. I make no effort to censor myself, conform to mainstream points of view or soften my opinions for publication. I use coarse and crude language in great abundance. If you are easily offended I highly recommend against pursuing any of my content. Viewer rearsore may occur. My commentary is predominantly satire, but I treat the subjects of quality and self-improvement extremely seriously.


Content on this site is not intended for children.


This site is a perpetual work-in-progress, and many sections are incomplete or remain to be added.


Along with my work, this site also features or benefits from contributions from a handful of other individuals, forming the Bladespire Palace collective. They are as follows.


  • Nefarius - Recordings, co-ops, secondary analysis, internal verification
  • DrSchwa - Recordings, co-ops, liberal arts, internal verification
  • HKS/UntamedLoli - Supreme web master goddess, co-ops, recordings
  • Lavarinth - Tacos, Hardware
  • Wibod - Co-ops, Political Correctness advisor, AWP host
  • Mucky - Ah my shoulder
  • BloodyShade - Video information generator
  • DarkOMEN - Site asset ass-istance
  • Drunk Swede - Technical research, secondary verification, liberal horror storytime
  • Steakpwner69 - Recordings, feet pics

This site makes use of game art assets, original concept pieces, renders, and fan art pieces, which are property of their respective owners.


The vast majority of the site's content is segregated onto sections in the right side menu. You may also consult the Content Index. Most of my content is video media, available exclusively on this site in the form of direct downloads. If you'd like to learn more about my video media, such as how it is organized, the formats I use, codecs, terminology, or any other questions you might have, check out the About Video Content section which covers the subject in-depth.




Many years ago (around 2001ish), a site called AEN within the Starcraft modding scene hosted my works. After it was shut down WarGiant and I began to pursue the creation of an alternate site to host our content. Many sites and subdomains were created in this era, but few lived very long. GameProc was born, but did not live very long either, as I didn't know how to run a site and WG was both busy and not motivated enough to run anything independently. I'm a content producer, not a manager. Then, somehow, Lavarinth ate everything and hid away in his car trunk for years on end.


Fast forward to 2010. I began producing public video content for Starcraft 2 on youtube with the arrival of its beta. While I had produced sparse private and public content in the past, this was my first true venture into the very young world of Western commentary. After a year and a half or so of accruing a devoted following I switched to producing Let's Plays, starting primarily with Darksiders 1. I eventually approached Lavarinth with the prospect of hosting the content on the FTP, as Youtube's limits, censorship, and streaming issues continually hurt both me and my viewers. It was not long before I made the full switch to the FTP.


Since then I produced content exclusively on a CC subforum, using a blog to mirror my updates in an easy to follow format for those without CC accounts or the desire to follow the thread. At the end of 2015 my content had grown large enough, and varied enough, that I felt it could benefit from a more devoted locale. I had previously launched HTML directories for certain content types, like League of Legends casts, and decided to merge those into a makeshift site Lavarinth had put together in the past. I had entered the dangerous and spectacular fedora-tipping world of Web Design. With my very first line of HTML I officially entered the ranks of the finest Western Games Industry programmers. I could take on the world. Or, make a more organized alternative to the LP thread, which I still keep up to date and synced with my releases to this day. Finally, GameProc as a name had a reason to exist other than to be just host to my files. It would present my content as an actual entity and name.


To me, Gameproc isn't about gathering popularity or reaching out to other people, much less "making a difference". It's about collecting all of my work in one space for myself and a few dedicated viewers.