Unfinished recordings that have very little likelihood of being finished, or being finished in a timely manner, but are still worth watching. The dates of their discontinuation are provided. Older and discontinued videos often have inferior casting or audio quality compared to modern releases. Manage your expectations accordingly.


These are listed in order of release on this site, not by production date.


Battle Tanx: Global Assault (Dormant 2011)
1280x960 30fps

     As is immediately evident, N64 emulation is troublesome at the best of times. This run was discontinued to lack of interest and other commitments taking priority. The encode dates are the beginning of 2012 but this was recorded in January 2011. It hasn't been touched in years, and so is declared dormant. My voice is very different in this than it is today, that's for sure, and I am very sleepy it seems. If I come back to complete it I will promote it to the LP section. As one of my childhood classics I definitely plan to return to it in the future.


    Segment 1 - Download - 1.7gig
    ~2:50 hour, x264/mp3

    Segment 2 - Download - 488mb
    ~57 minutes, x264/mp3


Let's Break Magicka (Discontinued 2011)
Buggy as hell PC garbage
1920x1200 30fps

    A second, extremely buggy Magicka run that was never finished. As a game that is notoriously broken and unfinished, Magicka presented, once again, a whole host of connection and stability issues that damaged our desire to continue play. Also, contact with the Kiwi became progressively more difficult, so we lost interest in bothering to try to complete it. This run will never be picked up again. Originally released on Youtube during its recording dates (2011), now available via FTP.


    Segment 1 - Download - 3gig
    ~2:50 hour, x264/mp3
    Internally regarded to be Cores 1 and 2.

    Segment 2 - Download - 1.45gb
    ~1:21 hours, x264/mp3
    Internally regarded to be Core 3.




Dragon's Crown (Discontinued 2015)
PS3 Beat 'Em Up
720p 30fps

A testimony to the ill fate of logistics surrounding co-op titles, particularly those involving more than one person. This run, amongst several others, either took months to years to start or started and then immediately died. Further compounding this particular project is disgusting American camera shaking that manages to completely destroy an otherwise notable Japanese title. Coupled with major annoyances that occur during co-op and that's it. I have no desire to return to something that is a chore to play and impossible to arrange the involved players for.


Segment 1 - Download - 448mb
    ~1:36 hour, x264/aac

    Segment 2 - Download - 1gb
    ~2:38 hours, x264/aac




Turok (Discontinued Q2 2012)
720p 30fps

A testimony to the Western game industry. This rancid pile of trash was used as a test platform for early attempts to stream. The enormous input latency that came as a result immediately discouraged all desire to pursue streaming and the run was discontinued. What we are left with is a single 2 hour video that showcases what would have easily been one of the worst ps3 games I'd have played had I completed it. From Genesis quality audio to NES quality graphics, this inconsistent and untested pile of trash is a poster child for franchise reboots across media as a whole.


I originally planned to finish this run, but after finally verifying the video, I have decided against it.


Segment 1 - Download - 856mb
    ~1:51 hour, x264/aac

The end audio is desynced. Don't know why, don't care to fix.



Planet Alcatraz (Discontinued Q1 2016)
1920x1200 30fps

An impressively detailed take on America's mediocre Fallout franchise from the motherland. With high quality voice acting and top notch graphics, Planet Alcatraz was a contender for one of the only non-Japanese RPG's I've played that lasted me more than a few minutes. Alas, according to second opinion it is riddled with gotchas throughout the dialogue and ultimately I get lost early on (you need map travel apparently). That and I find these kinds of RPG's very boring. While I won't say I don't plan to complete it for sure (delegating that responsibility to a certain Schwa), I have way better things I could be doing with my very limited time right now.


Segment 1 - Download - 1.8gb
    ~1:21 hour, x264/aac


D&D Dragonshard (Discontinued Q2 2013)
1600x1200 30fps

Yet another RTS that isn't an RTS. While entertainingly bad on the surface, nothing compels me to touch this again.


Segment 1 - Download - 426mb
    ~30 min, x264/aac


Segment 2 - Download - 774mb
    ~36 min, x264/aac



Spellforce (Dormant Q2 2016)
1600x1200 30fps

Yet another RTS that isn't an RTS. It makes for many interesting comparisons to Blizzard's RTS-RPG blunder Warcraft 3 but quickly becomes tedious. The videos have major inconsistency in audio quality for a variety of reasons covered in the cast. This is not a set for those of you who get bored of slow games.


Some unit responses and dialogue had very sharp S' which I had to specifically eliminate with custom filters, but my newer multiband process (seen in seg6) produced even better results.


Segment 1 - Download - 1.9gb
    ~1:31 hour, x264/aac


Segment 2 - Download - 3.9gb
    ~2:45 hour, x264/aac


Segment 3 - Download - 4.6gb
    ~3 hour, x264/aac


Segment 4 - Download - 3.7gb
    ~2 hour, x264/aac


Segment 5 - Download - 5.6gb
    ~3:44 hour, x264/aac


Segment 6 - Download - 2.4gb
    ~1:22 hour, x264/aac



Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Discontinued Q2 2017)
720p 60fps

A Japanese ARPG made by devs with history in the DMC series? Sounds amazing right up until you realize they both forgot how to design a camera and how to design gameplay. Suddenly, QTE's, everywhere! What a disaster. I won't be subjecting myself to this cargo cult title until I feel like gnawing my own testicles off.

Segment 1 - Download - 4gb
    ~1:49 hour, x264/aac

Segment 2 - Download - 5.2gb
    ~2 hour, x264/aac


Golden Axe: Beast Rider (Dormant Q2 2017)
720p 60fps

A silly Sega game. I might return to it in the future.

Segment 1 - Download - 611mb
    ~41 minutes, x264/aac

Segment 2 - Download - 920mb
    ~50 minutes, x264/aac


Neir: Automata (Discontinued Q4 2017)
PC (PS4 Port) ARPG
1920x1200 30fps

Japan's tragedy fetish continues in this latest slapstick clusterfuck from Platinum Games. Where we once wondered if they would ever discover how to make games we now wonder which act of the tragedy is more hysterical; Americans getting butthurt over the protagonist showing some leg, or the feverish effort to produce cargo cult God of War clones for the minecraft Skeptics™ community. There is no point in wasting more of my time on this cruft when the only memorable element - the music - can be experienced externally.

Segment 1 - Download - 868mb
    ~20 minutes, x264/aac


Ico (Frozen Q1 2018)
PS3 (PS2 Port) ARPG
720p 30fps

A simple puzzle game hidden under a veil of nauseating blur filtering typical of the ps2 era further troubled by color crushing issues that occurred during my ps3 recordings in this time. Dormant due to not possessing the game anymore; I'll immediately continue when I am able to.

Segment 1 - Download - 2.3gb
    ~2 hours, x264/aac


Segment 2 - Download - 4.0gb
    ~2:30 hours, x264/aac



X-Blades (Dormant Q2 2018)
PC (N64 Port) ARPG
1920x1200 30fps

Someone's pet project after a few days of dabbling in the wacky world of digital technology. Hysterically reminiscent of Sc2mapster "projects" while also featuring some blatantly busted combat. I may return to it in the future; this was a recording experiment for the 2018 OBS pipeline (prior to nu-Doom).

Segment 1 - Download - 3.3gb
    ~1 hour, x264/aac



Divinity: Original Sin 2 (first incomplete playthrough, 2017 Q3-4)
PC (iPhone Port) RPG
720p (Spline64) 30fps

Hilariously dysfunctional, unbalanced, ugly-looking and poor-performing. This describes Larian's two Divinity: Original Sin games to the T. This is the first playthrough up to when we stopped; HKS wanted to restart with the Enhanced edition at a later time. Unlike the first game I skip quite a lot of dialogue in this run due to not being interested. This features the first prototypes for my Spline64 rescaling.

Segment 1 - Download - 1.3gb
    ~1:30 hour, x264/aac


Segment 2 - Download - 8gb
    ~2:46 hours, x264/aac


Segment 3 - Download - 5.4gb
    ~2:46 hours, x264/aac


Segment 4 - Download - 4.2gb
    ~1:49 hours, x264/aac


Segment 5 - Download - 3.2gb
    ~1:07 hours, x264/aac





Painkiller (Discontinued Q4 2018)
1600x1200 30fps

Goofy shooter allegedly ripping off of some other goofy shooter I don't know anything about, so can't really comment beyond its overall lack of creativity in unit design. Notably higher res textures than Doom (2016) but with some really cringey boss design. Started the run on the suggestion of drunk Swedes, whom later decided it probably wasn't worth continuing for what should be very obvious reasons in the video.

Segment 1 - Download - 4gb
    ~1:50 hour, x264/aac


Final Fantasy 14 (Dormant Q3 2018)
1920x1200 30fps

A replication of the lengthy Guild Wars run, but for the major modern competitor to WoW - FF14. While much educational and comedic material can be garnered from the run it stands to reason I will not be able to complete it for a long time due to other commitments. I may or may not return to it in the future. For now, I'll release what I have. Don't expect this to be a fast-paced run; it may actually be the slowest of any I've yet to release.

Segment 1 - Download - 5gb
    ~3:43 hour, x264/aac


Segment 2 - Download - 4.3gb
    ~3:17 hour, x264/aac


Segment 3 - Download - 10gb
    ~5:45 hour, x264/aac


Segment 4 - Download - 5.1gb
    ~3:22 hour, x264/aac


Segment 5 A - Download - 190mb


Segment 5 B - Download - 4.3gb


Segment 6 - Download - 3.1gb


Half Life (Dormant Q3 2019)
1920x1200 60fps

Shitty corridor shooter with some of the worst level design seen from the genre prior to Halo. Due to the IRL events of Q3-4 2019, this recording project and similar ones were all abandoned.

Segment 1 - Download - 2.7gb
    ~1 hour, x264/aac