Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons


Recordings of online D&D sessions, typically 5th edition but some include (fairly low-key) castings of Pathfinder as well. The videos were created primarily for the related players, and so names and contexts may not be clear.



Introduction to D&D on Gameproc

D&D Intro


Albion Adventures


Starsworn: Blood of Albion



A short adventure condensed into a 4:30 hour commentary.


Starsworn: Blood of the Moon



A short adventure condensed into a 6 hour commentary.


Starsworn: Grand Silver Waltz


Seg 1 - Foreward

Seg 2 - Gameplay

Seg 3 - Gameplay

Seg 4 - Gameplay

Seg 5 - Gameplay

Seg 6 - Conclusion

The third and final adventure for Albion, divided into six 3-4 hour segments.


Completed one-shot games with first-person realtime casting as a player or spectator.


1shot 1 (Christemo Ravenbooty)

1shot 2 (Christemo Icebooty)

1shot 3 (Menet-Ka)

1shot 4 (Christemo The Defiler's Lair)

1shot 5 (Siriel The Sorrowful Ones)