Let's Play | Viking: Battle for Asgard

Americans make yet another prototype trash heap about QTE's.



PS3 (ARPG), 720p, 60FPS

Segment 1 Encoded ~2011-05-XX


  • Segments referred to in the video are internal and are quite numerous, these do not reflect released segments for this production. (Internal segments = 17 in total).
  • This LP is one of two (including Killzone 3) that were subject to an unusual and extremely damaging bug in Audition 3 during my early console recordings. Throughout the LP you might hear me talking and words become distorted or "disappear" entirely. This is the bug in action - the recordings randomly dropped sound data or distorted sound data. This resulted in excessive, random desyncing that becomes gradually worse and worse throughout each recording. To alleviate the impact of this issue I manually resynced all of the audio every few minutes. You may hear "blank" spots of audio - this is my efforts in motion. The resync will not be perfect but should be fine for viewing. The process for resyncing was exceptionally time consuming, and I could not edit in realtime framerates (rather around 11fps when previewing in vegas most of the time). I made sure not to "resync" the audio during sound events as much as possible to avoid interruption.



Segment 1

Download - 4.7gb

Download Micro Version - 833mb

2:30 hours, x264/AAC/8bit

There is a very short duration of no audio at the beginning of the video. This area is still a little desynced but resyncs by the first cinematic.


Segment 2

Download - 4gb

Download Micro Version - 700mb

 2 hours, x264/AAC/8bit

There is a bit of idle time around halfway.


Segment 3
Part A

Download - 4.3gb

Download Micro Version - 750mb

1:45 hours, x264/AAC/8bit

Enjoy rage and sleepiness. As this segment ended up being a lot larger due to slightly longer length and more motion, I split it for convenience.


Part B

Download - 3.8gb 

Download Micro Version - 650mb

1:45 hours, x264/AAC/8bit

Enjoy the SILLY


Segment 4


Part A

Download - ~3gb 

Download Micro Version - 550mb

1:45 hours, x264/AAC/8bit



Part B

Download - ~3gb 

Download Micro Version - 500mb

1:45 hours, x264/AAC/8bit



Segment 5

Download - 2.7gb

Download Micro Version - 1gb

2:48 hours, x264/AAC/8bit

I did a lower quality encode on this and segment 6. There is some idle time somewhere in this, can't remember where.


Segment 6

Download - 3gb

Download Micro Version - 860mb

2:18 hours, x264/AAC/8bit

Syncing audio was challenging in some parts. I think there is some idle time near the beginning of this segment.



Download - 13mb


A fairly short review given vocal reviewing wasn't really a thing for me back then.



Concise Versions

Download Ep1 - 205mb

Download Ep2 - 234mb

Download Ep3 - 241mb

Download Ep4 - 222mb