Starcraft Resources

These are resources from myself or others that I had lying around. They may be useful in the development of Starcraft: Brood War projects. I am not familiar with the credits of some of these resources - if you know who made them, please let me know and I will update this page accordingly.



Spriting Resources



Palpack - O)FaRTy1billion/FaRTy[MM] - Starcraft-compliant palettes

This archive contains Farty's palette pack from Maplantis/SEN. These palettes may be used by an application such as Paint Shop Pro to map images to Starcraft-compliant colors. Useful in particular are the bexpl and ofire type palettes, which allow you to avoid having to use the very specific and unusual color conversion method Blizzard used to index their transparent effects.


color2 - UntamedLoli - PSP script

This script eliminates the purple indexes that don't get transformed into player color and turns them into player color. Very handy when a rendered sprite doesn't fully transfer those colors to player color ingame.








Mesk Stuff Pack 1 - IskatuMesk, WarGiant, Lavarinth - Graphics & Sound pack



A collection of my older project assets. A readme is included.




AR - Zeterekkai Malacads Carrier - lygher_xero, IskatuMesk - GRP


One of the custom models lygher_xero based on my comedically bad concept for Ascherzon's Rebuke TC (2003).


Infantry Gunner GRP's - WarGiant - GRP Pack

The various Protoss and Zerg replacement GRP's WarGiant made for Infantry Gunner ~2002.


Sc2 Scythe Templar - IskatuMesk & mark_009_vn - GRP Port (Sc2)


A Templar I rendered for Laconius. I released the frames and Mark made a grp out of them. I've never seen it ingame so I am unsure if it looks any good.



Sc2 Building Frames - IskatuMesk - Raw Frame Ports (Sc2)


Raw frames, some with player color and some without. You'll need to process them yourself. Includes Pielon, Twilight Council, Templar Archives, Dark Shrine.



2003-2004 TC Assets - IskatuMesk & Others- GRP's & SFX & Voices


A variety of content from my older projects, sorted by project, with readmes for each.



ITAS Render Scene - UntamedLoli & IskatuMesk - 3ds max 2011 scene


The 3ds max scene HKS set up for ITAS renders, with further configurations, and some base materials (without textures), by myself. With this you can render frames for basic units in Starcraft - simply cycle through the available cameras and resize the hidden half-sphere parent to accomodate your object.