A new coffee hour is now available.

8============================D WOAH, BIG

I have released edu 6-4 and uploaded four Guild Wars 2 videos, three of which were once a part of the youtube channel that was taken down quite some time ago and a fourth which never saw public release. Those GW2 videos are a part of the Extras section and replace the defunct youtube links that were there until very recently.


A new Coffee Hour is now available.

Site updates

I'm adjusting some things on the site. Some minor things, like new additions for terminology, while some more major like fixed position sidebar and adjustments to the header.

edu 6-3

Looks like I was productive for once, with a continuation of the previous EDU already complete. Is this the power of an enemy Stand...?

edu 6-2

A new educational video introducing the concept of rotations is now available.

XXETR-23 Now Available

After a huge haitus, the XXE series sees another 44 minute installation.

New encoding article

I have released a new article, fittingly entitled "x264 & How I Learned To Love The Goat", has been released.

Given this fiasco is an on-going thing I may choose to add more stuff to the article later.

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