casting hiatus

General casting is now considered on hiatus, perhaps indefinitely.

wc3 available

As usual with these super big releases, the review will be a little bit yet. Keep an eye out for a melee video to be posted as well, once I record a suitable one.

New D&D article

A short article, sort of a summary of a far larger one that has been in construction since last year, has been posted.


Warcraft 3 is over 50% completed. Another disaster of a game with hysterical bugs and Canadianisms. We're on a roll of rancid it seems.

FF14 (4 segs) in graveyard

Some more dead weight getting offloaded for the time being.

ch 21, site updates

A new Coffee Hour is available, as is a new Article (the Mobage Experience) and an Azur Lane video in Extras.


I have rescinded plans to introduce any future Resources to the site, including D&D resources.

Site audit Q1 2019

I am actively working on cleaning up the website. I am removing and cleaning up a few sections. While much work will yet remain, some major auditing is being done in the immediate future.

DMC5 is now available!

Yes, it's just as bad as we feared.

DDDAXE now available!

A 6-part compilation for Dragon's Dogma is now available in the Compilations section.

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