edu 6-3

Looks like I was productive for once, with a continuation of the previous EDU already complete. Is this the power of an enemy Stand...?

edu 6-2

A new educational video introducing the concept of rotations is now available.

XXETR-23 Now Available

After a huge haitus, the XXE series sees another 44 minute installation.

New encoding article

I have released a new article, fittingly entitled "x264 & How I Learned To Love The Goat", has been released.

Given this fiasco is an on-going thing I may choose to add more stuff to the article later.

FME 2011 compilation - released

6 years late is as good a time as any.

SSC 1-12

12 D&D videos, dev commentaries of Starsworn's campaign, have been released.


A new Coffee Hour is available, as well as an AWP on the forum.

League P 13-16 released

A few more videos processed during the Rat Crisis. God bless Canada.

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