CC Forum updates

If you regularly visited CC's forum for my posts regarding updates on content, you'll now need an account to view those posts. This is part of an effort to combat the increasingly aggressive bots that are attacking the site.


In light of the knowledge that most people don't want to make accounts/log in just to view those posts, I'll aim to make more regular updates on this site itself.


A new video-related article is up, too.

2 new D&D videos

2 new D&D videos are now available - SSC-15 and a Siriel 1shot.

New article

A new article detailing the insanity of dealing with video content over the years has been released. This isn't complete, there's still some details to remember and/or actually add yet. But it's readable.

2 renewed articles released

The James Bond & Anime articles from my blog in 2015-2016 have been refurbished a little and posted in the Articles section.

TFT 1-3 and CH-18 available

Coffee Hour 18 and 3 episodes for a new podcast are now available.

Space Marine released!

One of the runs lost in the file table rollover years ago sees a new recording in recent times. Experience the Sonic 2006 of third-person shooters!

dnd section updates

I have made some adjustments to the D&D section of the site.


Mostly notably, I have finally deleted the LMOP and Fists videos, as sadly due to the community involved I won't be able to play, spectate or otherwise complete those series and haven't been able to for over a year. There are unprocessed recordings, but the extreme anxiety and depression involved will likely prohibit me from ever completing them. A disappointing conclusion to what was once a very positive force in my life.


I have, however, released 3 new videos of a small series of 1shots/campaign that mAc was running for me and Schwa earlier in the year. This series is also incomplete, but mAc says he wants to continue it some day. I have one more video to process for this series, but an ETA is unavailable.

Kingdom Hearts released!

This trash heap's been stewing since January, and now you, too, can partake of my pain.

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