League P 4-12 released

A few new League replays make it to the site today. Just the trickle down effect of getting back into casting again. On the chopping block are more Heroes replays I either casted forever ago and processd but haven't upped or replays I am casting after the colossal disaster that was the Kel`Thuzad patch destroying support over a year's worth of versions of the game. Meanwhile, I am chiseling down work on Sonic 2006 and the FME compilation. The latter should likely be done by the end of the year, but don't take that as a promise.


This year really sucked and it's hard to look forward to anything, but the only thing we can do is put our dick to the wilson.


Steam reviews are always a hoot.


"I have to pass on a recommendation as this version does not seem to be optimized for notebooks."


"We are perfectionists." - Blizzard


Satire or delusional? You decide.


Casting is now considered active again.


Today I learned I wasn't even credited in Carbot's Starcrafts, despite being the reason the project managed to get finished.


Today I learned that Americans think Brood War had a complex user interface.


I've released a new Coffee Hour which explains the current situation.

State of the show

All casting is indefinitely postponed.


Depression always wins, and life always finds ways to make things just that much worse for it.

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