MGR Seg 1/2 available in Graveyard

Once it became abundant a world of QTE's was in my future I did the right thing and dropped the run. Maybe not indefinitely, but long enough I may as well release what I recorded thus far.

2 D&D videos & Heroes RLN 17-41

A new episode of LMOP and one for Furry Fisting are up, as well as the aforementioned Heroes replays.

coffee hour 9


fists p2, new article

I've added the next part of the 6th 1shot series to the D&D page.

If you're curious what all this bullshit is about but haven't looked into it yet, or want to know more about my thoughts and experiences on the subject, I've also created a related article, The Digital Tabletop Experience.


Starting to work on the backlog of D&D stuff. 12 is up now, for LMOP.

Full tech doc available

Minus the graphics phase which will take some time to plan out, the full text of the Ret Tech Document is now available. This ends almost a year of floundering.


I have added an Apex section to the "Past Projects" page. Eventually I will tidy up some of the other information pages on the site, as well as flesh out these project summaries a bit more. For now, though, this is a sufficient start.




Some more minor cleanup throughout the site. You've probably noticed I like to take little passes at things after a while. Today was some writing cleanup in the About sections, some tidying in the Apex and Compilation sections, and some other stuff behind the scenes.

/e 2


At long last, significant progress has been made on the Retribution Tech Document. All pages except for Characters are now on Gameproc, minus graphics, which I'll address at a later time.


Mortal Kombat 4 added to Castovers.

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