ITAS render scene released

I finally dug up the 3ds max scene I used to render sprites for ITAS and AO from and posted it in the BW section.


Very intently working towards releasing the next LP.

2003-2004 BW Assets released

Some assets from my older era of BW mods have been released in the Resources section.

Youtube account deleted

After a long time of forgetting, I finally got around to removing the Youtube account I used to run some years back. Most of the content was already deleted ages ago, but I wanted to remove the entire thing so no one would accidentally associate me with such a shady platform.

New Castover - Space Aids

The current crowned champion for most American title is now available. While superificially innocent if not goofy, the curious are encouraged to explore it on their own.

New castover - The Rocketeet

Word on the block is that america

Coffee hour 10

nice butt

Conventional Cucks

I am doing a transition of sorts and will be focusing all of my news posting on Gameproc for now on. Some old content will be ported over from the blog, who will now be considered deprecated and otherwise not used for updates any further. Of course, the CC thread itself will still be maintained.


As always, you can e-mail me if you have questions or comments.


Now, to figure out how to actually edit this layout again...

+6 D&D dev commentaries

I have added six new videos in the D&D section which are commentaries of recordings from some oneshots I ran a while ago.

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