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D&D 1shot 5 part 2 is up.


Walkthrough in a week. Tensions are very high. But I'm almost ready to release more heroes videos and another 2 D&D videos are in the works.

Heroes replays

RK 57-64 and RL 0-20 are now available.


This is only the beginning of the workload that I have been tackling, but I figured I'd post 'em now.




RLN 0-16 are now up.




D&D 1shot 5 part 1 is up.


Here is the workload I am currently sitting on with the release of cuck 3.


Current Projects


Let's Play

  • None ATM but I want to start something low key soon like FF13, TS3 or other.

Other Video

  • Heroes RL string (from July+ 2016)
  • Edu + A-U dev series
  • BlazBlue compilation 2


  • Work on Unreal 4 (HKS is going to be attempting ARPG game mechanics)
  • Work on CPGA 2.0

Float -

  • Quite a few castovers remain to be completed or recorded and these will be my highest priority following Sonic 2006.
  • Sonic 2006 Schwa compilation (she hasn't finished recording it yet but I have a lot of files to work on still) - HIGHEST PRIORITY

Edit Queue -


  • Misc dev recordings


2017 early projections look strong for completing outstanding work and getting time into much-desired Castover and Compilation contributions, as well as active work on CPGA 2.0 and pursuit of game mechanics in Unreal 4, which will be discussed in the developer series for Apex U. CPGA 2.0 is treated as a float project during encode times because it is much less hardware intensive than UE4, so don't expect to hear much about it for quite a long time. Schwa has offered to attempt sprite work for this project which is the driving reason behind resuming work on it.


I am working on material outside of Gameproc for a CC sister community that takes some time, but some of this will eventually manifest in articles or other productions for this site in the later future.


So long as disaster does not look my way this year I am hoping this is the turn-around from 2016 I have been waiting for. Although I caught up quite a lot of sorting and menial labor in 2016 there's a lot remaining to resolve including a huge quantity of very good Blizzard Dota replays that must be casted soon before they are lost forever.  There are also many Castovers from Nefarius that await to processed or recorded and Castovers from Schwa I recorded ages ago that need to be put together and released. Once I complete the Sonic 2006 work I hope to focus on this material which will ultimately nearly double the current Castover list.


Meanwhile I am going to continue with low-key LP's, although my hardware is no longer set up for Playstation 2 capture so I can't proceed with Timesplitters 3 at the moment. If we can avoid disaster this year I hope to finally get several long-awaited recordings out of the way including Link to the Past.

yorkie cookies

I did it. I did the unthinkable.


I released a diablo 3 LP.


Oh no.

Edu 7-3, CH8

Coffee Hour 8 (which is still only on the thread) and Edu 7-3 are now up.


A new compilation, built from warcraft 3 games Mucky streams from our SS event, is now available in the French section.

nice butt - THE REVENGE

Around a year after this site was first forged from the pits of tomato sauce I am back at the helm of meddling with colors, font sizes, and other misc crap. Some noteworthy changes off the bat -


- I darkened the background very slightly.

- Base text size 13px -> 16px

- Slightly adjusted text color to reduce contrast.


This is because I noticed a very minor amount of strain reading the new articles. I'll update this post as more updates, if any, come in.

nice butt

Two new Awards and one new non-award Tag have been introduced to the About Video section. I also clarified in the LP listing that the Dragon's Dogma section also contains Dark Arisen.


The two awards, the Eggplant and the Willy award, are for censorship and cream of the crop bad respectively. The Tag is a multitool icon to be placed next to game titles (much like Rancid currently is). This denotes a title has seen significant edits, like the audio castovers in Alice: Madness Returns: or the overall work in Divinity.


Metting out these awards to existing titles and finding the best location for the Multitool icon are things that will come with time.


Still in super high productivity mode but making a december release for one of the major projects seems less and less likely with these day-long encode times. Soon, nonetheless.


By the way, if you're curious about that weird static/repeating audio at the end of some videos, that's a frameserver bug that has been well documented for an eternity and never fixed.

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