the Loladins of Legend dev video was added to the Extras section (Under Developer Single Compilations and Demonstrationals), and some very minor cleanup to Edu/Compilations sections for some of the file lists so the downloads stand out a bit more.




Also added Sc2 resource section. Currently just has my particle releases (old and new).


/e 2


Hooked the prototype Tech Doc pages to the Black Sun index. Of course it's super wip/experimental stuff I left behind ages ago but whatevs.

♂ Spahgetti Is Only Straight Until It Gets Hot ♂

For the first release of December 2016 I have a small Rant article about social media.




The segment 17 for DDDA, being the 14 minute micro segment about the Ur-Dragon, was finally added. Also Shanktarium s3.


/e 2


A second article, a short blurb about objective reviewing I had partly created earlier this year, was completed and is also now available.

chow yon fat

After months of planning and scheming I yolo'd the compilation art assets without any preparation or suitable source material. mezten'd




Cleaned up some descriptions and added some index banners/changed a couple things about. While there's many more major things I'd like to do, this is a good start.

crows are fat

+2 D&D videos (lard8/1shot-4)

Bernie's Bodacious Black Butt Bamboozled Backwater Bucks By Bouncing Barack's Beryl Botanic Balls Boundlessly Between Blissfully Boney Boats.

The Retribution Tech Document section has been ratified to clarify that the project is now dormant, and the previously private RTD render test video has been made available there.


Additional D&D videos are trickling in over time.

Clinton's Callous Cuck Cacophony Certainly Caused Crass Central Canadian Cucks Cranial Cravings, Colluding Catastrophic Canary Cataclysms Cis-wise

Another D&D 1shot was added to the appropriate section. It seems we may have finally figured out specifically which part of OBS is broken, which hopefully means smoother edu/dnd recordings.

Trump Tremendously Triumphed Tony's Trembling Trihorned Trouser Terror

The face video is now up and where it belongs - in the misc wow compilations.


I would have had another D&D video for you but OBS decided to corrupt all of my recordings again, so that's multiple days of work lost. Again.

Wade Wrangled Wacky Wriggling Walrus Wangs Wonderously Westerwards

DND second 1shot is up now.

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