2019 projections

Assuming all goes well, this is my current gameplan.



I have time constraints for work for my D&D projects, most of which are in Unreal 4. As I actively work on Unreal 4 and gain confidence in it I seek to explore my skills and potential with the toolset. It's always a long-distant desire to create an ARPG in it, but that is still only a dream. As it is, D&D work takes priority above all else. Related videos are secondary, but the Albion stuff usually gets processed pretty quick. Expect a Blood of the Moon developer recording in a month or so (maybe less, depends how often we play) along with related map assets. Once that game is dealt with I'll be shifting gears back to focusing very heavily on video work, since it will take time for SS to catch up to me.



A biblical disaster of a run intended to be an LP that has been reduced into a compilation. I originally recorded a 2 hour compilation discussing the mod aspect and testing, intending to release an unedited project in whole for it to co-exist with. Now, it seems unnecessary to release this side video altogether because the project as a whole is a many hours-long compilation discussing how Nexus is trash, modders are lazy, and Bethesda should be drawn and quartered, alongside enough bugs and oddities to make Sonic 2006 blush. I don't foresee actually finishing this run, but enough internal viewers seem to enjoy the videos that I might try to. We'll see. Either way, processing it is my absolute top priority and I'm nearly finished with what I've got.


Sonic 2006

Recorded years ago now, Schwa's opus magnum is a true masterpiece. This extensive, in-depth compilation gets into the nitty gritty of Sega's road to ruin, along with Blizzard's and others, exposing the sheer depth of incompetence the American industry gets away with each and every day. While 7 segments are currently finished or near finished I have scarcely begun this herculean editing project. I wanted it finished by now, but life always seems to find a way to keep a brother down.

It's worth noting that Schwa is also recording Shadow the Edgehog, too, and I'll yet get her to play Sonic Boom and Sonic Unleashed one of these days. I'll edit those in kind, but only when this project is finished.


WoW series 2

Second in priority to Sonic. I want to resume editing in January and maybe even resume recording by then. It'll probably extend to Battle for Ass for side C (not sure about A). Side B is nearly finished but the conclusion video needs a lot of research and content prepared to properly expose Blizzard's history, marketing strategies and explain certain concepts.


Mucky Dark Souls 3 Compilation

I said I'd process this dog-bark-dog world compilation years ago, and I feel pretty shitty that it has been this long without much work. It isn't as big a project as Sonic or Skyrim, so it has taken the backseat. That said, it's a top priority to tackle this sooner than later.


Seiken Densetsu 3

A requested run from Nefarius. One of the best RPG's ever created, but with a substantial learning curve. I'd normally save it for an "Ideal recording condition" like I am Castlevania 3 and others, but I've decided I'll try to start it sometime soon - likely January. The priority is lower than Skyrim, but once that run is settled either way I'll probably do my preliminary tests for this run. Should things go sour IRL I won't start it, though. I don't want to goof up this run like I did ff6.


DMC:DMC Compilation

Although short in runtime, HKS' stream of DMC:DMC is getting the Sonic 2006 treatment. The 1 segment produced great feedback from prospective DMC player Drunk Swede. A lower priority than the older projects, but nonetheless one to tackle in the near future once feasible.



I have 2-3 XXE's worth of content from recordings as old as 2013 and various HKS streams. They're low priority, but they're obliterating my drive space and I need them gone and dealt with.



I'll probably think about knocking down some of the shorter castovers once I am in a consistent editing string again. Maybe Jan/Feb. I need to research what happened to some unprocessed recordings... I may still have them somewhere. A power outage killed a lot I had made a while back, though.


Starsworn Dev Commentaries

I'm over 30 sessions behind. The lowest of low priority, but I do want to catch up.


Scourge Project + Vendetta

Very low priority recordings to be considered when time, energy, and resources are available and other stuff like Skyrim or D&D aren't being actively worked on.


Guild Wars

I want to finish this before fully committing to the FF14 run. If 2019 turns out ok, I'll probably resume near Summer. Unlike most other games, this is one I can very easily jump in and out of because of my familiarity with the game. Of course, it will be treated secondary to the compilation projects. This and similar recordings are like flex recordings.



Dormant. I'll release the sole segment once I catch up to process it, probably post-Skyrim.


DMC3 VH Vergil

Dormant. I won't release the one video in all likelihood. It's nothing special besides 3 hours of dying to the same trash fight.



Dormant. Not returning to EDU for quite a long time. Maybe not in all of 2019. The main contributor to this is my lack of motor skills necessary to explain what I want to explain. A lack of subjects for other sections. I may do a Looking Back series for Retribution, though.


Side Projects

Far-flung distant side projects include Apex-J, a prototype conceptual alternative to the Apex campaign for Starcraft 2, and a compilation of Schwa swearing and dogs barking from her various D&D recordings. Like other pet projects, these are treated as the lowest of priority and only come up when convenient.

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