2022 is also bad

The internally available video roster, including the newly released Doom Eternal and Brood War runs, nears is full completion a year and a half after the landmark decision by Dreamhost to spontanenously walk back over a decade of loyal clientship and feature advertisement. While most secondary content remains to be accounted for, the majority of LP's are available to private viewers today.


It has been nearly a year since Smokey died. Just about everything that can go wrong has gone wrong and conditions continue to go downhill. Only the grace of Allah has kept a roof over my head in these last few months and those graces are not eternal. In spite of everything going on I've tried to keep my head level and my eyes on the prize.


Autumn Wind, the D&D short adventure/mini campaign began in 2020 while watching Snowball during her final months, was completed a couple weeks ago and concludes at 77 sessions. Starsworn, the five-year campaign that limps along due to increasingly chaotic scheduling conflicts, remains somewhat active, but otherwise I have set down my time with D&D and won't be launching any new projects in the future. The enormous developer series, a two-year journey of autism and pain, is roughly half-way completed with sixteen videos currently being available to internal viewers.


For what time remains I will be dedicating my energy to bringing Starsworn up to modern specifications and catching up on the years of inactivity development-side, slowly chiseling some of my more outstanding video projects down a bit, and working on my Unreal 5 project, ApexX.


There is absolutely no reason to hold any positive projections regarding anything in the future. It's not like life has ever given a reason for anything besides consignment to madness. But I finished the most important thing I set out to do in these dark times and I hope the players appreciate the efforts to do so.

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