Arnold Angrily Aggressed Adam's Anus

Alright. So, news updates on this site will slow down from hereon since it's mostly sync work. To that end, I think the only pre-third gen casts waiting to be processed is Wings of Liberty. But I'll wait for next month to do that because I'm close to my bandwidth cap. Some reviews I need to edit and fix up a bit before posting. Like, the Darksiders review makes a lot of unrelated discussion about another game in the background, which seems kind of unnecessary. I also need to reverse engineer some youtube rips for some of them.


I've added some new Blizzard Dota casts and more will be going up in the near future. I will be dissolving the two HTML directories and using the Dota Clone web page exclusively for future updates. Those are so insignificant I don't need two locations for them.


I think videos like Civ 5 will go into Content Extras rather than LP's. I have the 2013 game to make info on the pages for, but I have to do a lot of work on the 2015 game because of some oversights bringing in question if I actually encoded certain things or not. Damnit.


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