The Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen I've been using shorted its headphone jacks yesterday morning. The connection was always tenuous to the point just touching it generated weird static. So, it shorted instead this time. Now the mic is also producing more static than normal. The Scarlett was a very costly investment at the time and it has given me nothing but problems across two entirely separate systems and hardware. I won't be buying from Focusrite again. Both the software and the hardware are junk, apparently. I'm back to feeding my headphones into those ~16-18 year old Klipsch speakers into the temperamental Creative card HKS handed down to me to get away from that atrocious Xonar d2. There's a lingering concern the old speakers and dubious ports on the sound card could fry my replacement headphones wibod got for me a couple years back.


This has put me on the pedestal of forcing myself to determine if I want to just get a DAC or get a bigger interface that still supports XLR in the event I want to pursue casting after the Scarlett inevitably shorts the XLR port too.


This occurs after I had pretty much already made my decision on what I wanted to do post-July, however.


I want to continue casting.


Therefore I'm going to try a M-Audio AIR 196/6 and hope I duck dated reports of driver issues. Failing that, I'll try something else. I'll keep fiddling until I get something that is reliable. Apparently that's a very difficult challenge in the interface business - everything has some kind of freak problems or compatability issues that creep up. It's a real wild west in production hardware.


IRL is the worst it has ever been. But I'll keep fighting until I'm dead in the drain.

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