nice butt

Two new Awards and one new non-award Tag have been introduced to the About Video section. I also clarified in the LP listing that the Dragon's Dogma section also contains Dark Arisen.


The two awards, the Eggplant and the Willy award, are for censorship and cream of the crop bad respectively. The Tag is a multitool icon to be placed next to game titles (much like Rancid currently is). This denotes a title has seen significant edits, like the audio castovers in Alice: Madness Returns: or the overall work in Divinity.


Metting out these awards to existing titles and finding the best location for the Multitool icon are things that will come with time.


Still in super high productivity mode but making a december release for one of the major projects seems less and less likely with these day-long encode times. Soon, nonetheless.


By the way, if you're curious about that weird static/repeating audio at the end of some videos, that's a frameserver bug that has been well documented for an eternity and never fixed.

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